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Hell Unfroze

Posted by parsingtime on June 18, 2008

Conversation while in panic packing mode because I have a business trip two days before our movers show up next week.

What are those?

Harvard Business Review.

What are you doing with them? You aren’t taking those with you?

Yes, I am.

We have taken those from Dallas to Boston and now to Carolina? No way. We aren’t taking them.

These are all new ones, from 2007 and 2008. I got rid of the old ones.

Bends down to examine. Voice gets a bit screechy

These aren’t from 2007. Pointing May 2005. February 2005. January 2006. March 2006. July 2005. June 2005 September 2006. We are not taking these.

Fine I’ll only take 2007 and 2008 with us.

We are moving ourselves. You seriously want to take these magazines that you aren’t going to read?

I’m taking 2007 and 2008.

Fine but if I see anything before 2007 while we are unpacking I’m going to be seriously unhappy.

\end conversation

How did I marry such a pack rat? I thought I had nipped this problem in the bud?   Also why can’t I ever win an argument?


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Ugly Ikea Table

Posted by parsingtime on June 16, 2008

So I’m in the midst of staining the ugly ikea table that I own. The table is done and I just have to wait for the weather to get better to do the chairs.

So far my first DIY home project is going well. Excuse the boxes. We are moving next week.



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Posted by parsingtime on June 14, 2008

I’ve been suffering from a miserable summer cold the last few days and my nose has been perpetually stuffed up.

I just ate some ice cream and now my nose is clear. I can breathe through both nostrils. Coincidence or cure?

I’m going with cure.

Also I have this Jokmokk ugly ikea table that I’ve disliked for the last two years and this weekend I’m in the midst of my first Home Depot DIY project and am staining that sucker in hopes that I will like it better. Before and after photos to come.

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Heat Wave

Posted by parsingtime on June 10, 2008

So the northeast has been going through a heat wave the last few days. Husband and I have one window unit that is cranked up as high as it can be at night in the hopes that the cool air will reach our sweltering bedroom. It has not. The last three nights we have woken up sometime between 2:00am and 3:00am complaining about how hot we are, going to get ice filled drinks of water (or pretending to and really sticking our bodies in the fridge, not that I would know anything about that) and not sleeping well for the rest of the night.

Last night however we had the brilliant idea (at 2:33am) to blow up the air mattress and sleep on it. So we did and the ensuing conversation was something like stop stealing all my covers and stop moving you’re shaking the bed (me) and stop complaining I’m not doing anything (Husband).

After attempting to sleep on the air bed for about thirty minutes I gave up and went back to the bedroom. Everytime Husband moved my whole body would bounce around. I’m a terrible sleeper in general and it took me almost a year to get used to sleeping next to Husband and we had an excellent non-moving mattress.

I learned four things last night:

  1. The only reason I sleep well in general is because we have an awesome bed that somehow minimizes the movement of the other person. I will have to look for this feature in all my future beds otherwise I will smother Husband some night after he has been way too wriggly.
  2. We had planned to keep our air bed with us for the few days in Carolina when we will be without furniture. I’m going to keep the sleeping bag unpacked and sleep on that on the floor. No air mattress for me unless I’m sleeping alone.
  3. Sleeping close to the AC will give you a sore throat and a runny nose the next day.
  4. Reason #900 why living in the northeast sucks hard…no central air conditioning.

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Are you John Malkovich?

Posted by parsingtime on June 8, 2008

So Husband and I were taking a walk this morning (the weather is finally hot!) watching the dragon boat races and generally minding our own business when we decided to take a quick detour and check out what was for sale at the Farmer’s Market. We turned the corner at there was this odd man in plaid capri pants, white shoes, white socks with running shoes slung over his shoulder. Husband I passed him and I glanced back to his face…I told Husband that guy looks familiar, I think he is someone famous. I couldn’t for the life of me think of his name though…Michael Stipe was the first name I could think of but I knew it wasn’t him.

So as we rounded the corner I turned around and asked if he was John Malkovich fully expecting him to say no and give me a weird look (he looks a bit heavier right now than the movies). Instead he said “um hmmm” I smiled and we went on our way.

And then Husband and I spent the next ten minutes trying to think of a movie he had been in other than Being John Malkovich.

Anyway, graduation is over, the family is gone and now we just have to pack and get ready for the big move.

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Smarty Pants

Posted by parsingtime on June 2, 2008

Husband is graduating with honors. Woo Hoo!

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Posted by parsingtime on June 2, 2008

There’s nothing quite answering the door in a victorias secret tank top that says Delicious on it with your electric toothbrush in your mouth at 10:30 at night thinking it is your Husband and actually finding the maintenance man on the other side of the door.

Seemingly there is a leak in the apartments below us that is originating from our apartment. Mr. Maintenance is back this morning but I’m dressed, wearing a bra and don’t have toothpaste dripping from my mouth.

Today starts off a week of Graduation activities for Husband. We have a section dinner tonight, graduation gala tomorrow, class day Wednesday and commencement on Thursday. All that plus I have my yearly well woman exam today and in-laws and parents descending very soon…I really didn’t need Mr. Maintenance stopping by to knock out multiple walls in my apartment to find the leak.

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