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Will Never Weigh 99lbs Again

Posted by parsingtime on May 25, 2008

After one year of working out and not losing any weight I finally bit the bullet and put all my extra small shirts and size 0 pants in a bag for goodwill. I will probably never make it back down to my college weight again, unless I become an anorexic or Husband springs for some lipo…and even then it’s doubtful. Why does no one warn you that one day out of the blue you will get hips?

I’m depressed.


3 Responses to “Will Never Weigh 99lbs Again”

  1. Random said

    Sister’s boyfriend to sister: “You shouldn’t worry about these sorts of things. It just means you’re good for child-bearing.”

    Me to sister: “Tell me where he is so I can go smack him for being an idiot.”

  2. Young1 said

    You may never get back down to your college weight but oh well you are still absolutely fabulous. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.

  3. […] think I mentioned that I would never be a size zero again and so before moving I threw away all my small clothes. Well that has come to bite me in the […]

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