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A Few Thoughts from Troy

Posted by parsingtime on May 25, 2008

So we were in Myrtle Beach for the last few days and in between took a quick trip to find an apartment. We found a lovely apartment that will be more than half the price of our one in Boston and twice as much space. I’m thrilled.

Anyway, we were in Myrtle Beach during Black Biker Week which made our stay there that much more interesting. We were in a beach house and our next door neighbor was Troy who was in town for BBW. Troy would come over and comment on my ability to play corn hole (throwing bean bags into a hole) and the men’s ability to BBQ.

On several of his visits we learned these pearls of wisdom.

Just because women carry/grow the kid doesn’t mean they have an emotional attachment to it.  They are like backpacks, they just hold the stuff.

You don’t have to be faithful to girlfriends. They are like rental cars, switch ’em out as often as you want but don’t ever think you are the only man to ride it.

Good to know, Troy. Good to know.


One Response to “A Few Thoughts from Troy”

  1. go2cuba said

    Hahaha dear god… 🙂 Troy’s harsh..



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