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Momentous Occasion

Posted by parsingtime on May 4, 2008

I’m traveling for work starting today so I’m going to miss a big day in the Household of Time. Tomorrow Husband takes his final exam and will officially be done with his MBA.

So here we are two years and two hundred thousand dollars later ($200,000 — it’s a lot of zeros and it makes my heart skip a beat in not good ways) and quite frankly I think we will look back at the last two years and be amazed we got to meet the people we met, go the places we went and do the things we did.

It has been a really great two years, despite the minuscule apartment and crappy Boston weather (hello it is May and in the 40s).  Husband and I have made great friends that I think will last a lifetime and done a bunch of things that we may not have the opportunity or time to do until Husband becomes a gazillionaire or we retire…whichever comes first.

So congrats to Husband for finishing. Another six weeks in Boston and we are moving onward and upward to Carolina and the next phase of our lives.


2 Responses to “Momentous Occasion”

  1. Summer said

    Yeah for Husband!!!! So exciting!!!

  2. Random said

    Wow, that was fast. Congrats!

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