More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on April 14, 2008

Well Random and I made it out for the weekend despite my delay in arrival. We were supposed to go to Montreal but ended up in the woods of Vermont, New Hampshire and randomly Salem, MA.

Despite being almost killed in a hotel scene reminiscent of The Shining and our plans being a bit spoiled by the six inches of snow and ice still on the ground we managed to have a good time and caught up after not seeing each other for NINE months. Which holy moly is a long time. What’s super awesome about Random and I is that even though it has been nine months we pick up the conversation right where it left off. Well not quite where it left off because the last time I saw her we were in the midst of a monsoon and wondering if we had picked up any disease from all the polluted India water (Random is the ONLY PERSON I KNOW who made it through India without a  lower digestive system incident).

Anyway, we managed to visit the King Arthur Flour Bakery, Ben and Jerry’s and ate some good food so despite the snow and ice covered hiking trails we managed to eat our way through several pounds of sugar.

On another note, people are always telling me to go visit Salem and that the witch museums are FUN and INTERESTING.  We went to the Salem Witch Museum and walked out because it was basically a retelling of The Crucible with scary wax figures in oversized dioramas. Dioramas are not a museum people.

Random is back safely in NY and I’m back in Boston with six boxes of busy work staring me in the face so I better get to it.

PS Random next time we shall go somewhere exotic as we have more luck in Southeast Asia than Northeastern US.! 🙂


One Response to “Redrum”

  1. Random said

    I may be a twig of a person, but I’ve got super-strong constitution. Looking forward to the next (mis)adventure.

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