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Questions to Myself

Posted by parsingtime on April 3, 2008

These are the thoughts I had between 8am and 9pm this morning.

Could Robert Mugabe (a man I’ve hated since I first read about him in a fiction book) really be finished as the dictator of Zimbabwe? Will he admit defeat?

Is that woman really wearing peep toe pumps with reinforced toe hose? That’s a fashion no no right? In fact I don’t think you are supposed to wear hose at all with sandals/open toe shoes.

Should I eat the donut holes in the kitchen or my high fiber cereal and an apple?
Why does my high fiber cereal taste like mint? Huh, Orbitz really must be strong to penetrate mint flavor through the ziploc bag.

Why does my mother call me to complain about things that my Dad has done for his entire life?  Why do I call Random about things Husband will probably do for the rest of my life ? Why do women do this to themselves (this being make themselves crazy)?
Why do women have rocky relationships with their in-laws? Do we bring the drama on ourselves?

How did a salad, steamed broccoli, vitamin water, pineapple and a piece (not a bar a small piece) of chocolate end up costing $20 at Eatzis? Maybe the Economist is right about the price of food. And didn’t Ted Turner say we were going to be cannibals soon? Hmm, Was he talking about global warming and how we won’t be able to grow food? I can’t remember.


4 Responses to “Questions to Myself”

  1. Random said

    Not quite – there’s a run-off…

    Mugabe: “In terms of strategy, we only applied 25 per cent of our energy into this campaign … That [the run-off] is when we are going to unleash the other 75 per cent that we did not apply in the first case.”

    Translation: “We’re going to do a much better job rigging the vote than the first round. That was a major screw-up.”

  2. Emilia said

    I’d have gone for the donut holes with an apple chaser. Fiber cancels out the trans fats. An apple a day and all…
    And if we have to become cannibals, I vote we start with Ted Turner.

  3. Emilia said

    And maybe Robert Mugabe.

  4. kunal said

    go for the donut and forget the rest 🙂

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