More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on March 31, 2008

I thought I was busy before but I’m even busier now. We had a great time in Jackson Hole and the skiing was great.

I’ve been catching up with work and am heading back to Texas this week and next for a project. Sunday I bought enough food to feed Husband and I for the week. And then I got the call that I would need to be in Texas on Tuesday. Any bets on how much of the food will still be there when I get back Friday night? I’m going to guess all except the for the frozen pizza and bananas. Poor Husband is not culinary-ily inclined.

Anyway, things are busy though I imagine I will have some stories from Texas this week. Also, FYI I HATE how loud Husband eats his damn bananas. HATE.


3 Responses to “Busier”

  1. t said

    he should face off with my coworker.
    throw in slurping hot tea for a biathlon of aural wonders

  2. Emilia said

    I’m still unable to imagine how he noisily eats a banana. They seem to be a pretty quiet fruit.

  3. Wife said

    I totally get the loud banana chewing. I am certain that my husband must be making a conscious effort to chew as loud as he does. It just could not happen by accident. Unfortunately he does not take kindly to my constructive chewing criticism.

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