More Annoyed than Amused

Busy Busy

Posted by parsingtime on March 21, 2008

Spent the morning at the emergency clinic with Husband. He had a hives outbreak that beat all of my outbreaks by a mile (he always has to win, doesn’t he?) and combined the hives with some fainting spells and a fever. It was good times. But not really…and especially not after have to walk to the pharmacy in 30 degree weather with 40mph winds. The doctor did leave us with the ominous warning that if after taking his medication Husband felt at all short of breath we should call 911.

Interestingly, this morning when Husband was sick my first instinct was to try to get my sister on the phone. She matched yesterday at her first choice residency program and will officially be a doctor in about a month.  Yay for her and yay for me because now I have someone to call who has to listen to my neurotic self.

Husband is better now. Thanks for asking. I then had to catch up on a bunch of work, clean my apartment, and I still need to pack, throw away things that will go bad and get my hair cut (I do believe the last time I did that it was October though the weather was surprisingly similar).


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