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Not Martha

Posted by parsingtime on March 5, 2008

I find Martha Stewart way too good to be true. She makes a homemade dessert and makes the condescending comment that she always serves it with homemade ice cream but it would be “okay if you served it with high quality store bought ice cream”.  As if store bought ice cream will ruin her recipe.

She only has time for all the crap she does because she has people working for her. No way is she making a full from scratch dinner with homemade ice cream, picking flowers from her garden and then arranging them herself in a glass vase she blew yesterday and cleaning her house all by herself with cleaners she made from vinegar and lavender essential oils.

No way.

I think she the image she projects is a lie.

If everyone had someone doing their dicing/food prep/shopping and cleaning up for them then we could all grow our own organic vegetables and serve homemade ice cream.

So Martha, just shut up because most people don’t have time to dye easter eggs that look like this:

or hang a gazillion lights in their “outdoor space” to create an intimate setting.


One Response to “Not Martha”

  1. Emilia said

    You mean your Easter eggs don’t look like that? I don’t know if we can be friends…
    Although homemade ice cream is very wonderful, Blue Bell vanilla belongs on homemade pies and cobblers. I think that’s the law down here. You can keep your high quality whole foods organic soy ice cream in an environmentally friendly post-consumer grade recyclable bamboo container made with wind power. Give me Blue Bell made by Belle the singing cow. 😉

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