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Good Lord

Posted by parsingtime on March 4, 2008

Hillary took Ohio BY A LOT. I was in Ohio last week and everyone I talked to their was an Obama-phile. I knew Strickland campaigned for her but I still didn’t expect her to win.

Where will Texas go? My mother voted for Hillary so we shall see. I really am tired of the “personal stories” that each of the candidates tell. If I have to hear one more “the single mom who works two jobs neither of which provide healthcare for her kids” “the little girl who asked me how I help people without homes” story I will have to gouge out my ear drum with a fork.

I’m really torn this presidential primary season. I really am not sure who I like better…I’m not sure that I particularly love either. But it may be that I’m spoiled for choice. In 2004 I was for Kerry but really I was more against Bush than I was for Kerry.

I’m concerned that I don’t have a clear cut favorite between these two. I think Hillary has become more likable during this campaign. Before this I couldn’t even listen to her speak because I couldn’t handle the screechy voice. Obama. What to say about Obama? If he had been a Governor instead of a Senator I think I would be in his corner for sure.  I don’t feel like he has a lot of executive experience. I realize Hillary doesn’t have a ton more experience but she tried as first lady to do something on a national level and she was in the presence of Bill which surely rubbed off.

What to do. What to do.


One Response to “Good Lord”

  1. Emilia said

    I’m just glad we don’t have to watch commercials from either anymore – Hillary’s 3 a.m. phone call was so overdramatic it was comical and Obama’s commercials just got longer and longer – at one point they lasted an entire commercial break. I was starting to think he’d bought the whole newscast.

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