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Timeline: Twenty-Two through Twenty-Four

Posted by parsingtime on February 27, 2008

2002: I start working. I retake the LSAT and score one point higher than last time. My boss at my new job writes a letter and forces the dean of my law school to admit me because he is important and has money. My boss is scary and I work long hours. I get more legal experience in the first three months of my job than my co-workers on the same level as me get in a year. I get over time. In one year I make more than double my quoted salary and save enough money to pay for law school. In cash.

I realize that being depressed last year was a waste of time because look how great this year has been for everything. Then Boyfriend breaks up with me. In Spain. I cry a lot for about four days and try to explain the whole sorry ordeal in Spanish to my house mom Fermina. Despite the fact that she responds with fresh watermelon and cookies I wish I were home and not in Spain. I’m weirdly happy that I’m not put into a deep funk over this breakup. In my mind being depressed over a lost career/life long goals is acceptable but over a man? When you are 22? Not allowed.

2003: I am in my second semester of law school. I date some people. They are all awful. I date a guy with lots of money, two fancy cars, patents and who can’t keep his hands to himself. I go out with this guy who tells me about the amazing chocolate cake on the dessert menu that we must order. We order it for dessert and then he tells me he is on a diet and does not take one bite. I decide that I don’t trust men who diet. I decide I hate to date. I study a lot.  Then, Boyfriend realizes I am the greatest thing that happened to him after the stockmarket, ROI and pani puri and we start dating again.

2004:  Boyfriend becomes Fiance. On the day we get engaged we are at Mozarts in Austin. He asks me to watch his bag while he orders drinks. I half watch the bag not realizing there is a huge, expensive engagement ring in there. I get an amazing job with a law firm that I love. I wear jeans to work and have a good amount of responsibility. I have gossipy co-workers whom I love and my assistant is a cute capable model (she remains the only assistant I have ever had). My boss will be instrumental to my life every year from this point onward (and in fact I had breakfast with him this morning!) although I don’t know it at the time. I visit Fiance in Korea where he has lost 15lbs of weight and cause him to have a real honest to goodness nervous breakdown. I will feel guilty about this for the rest of my life. I taste the worst ice cream I’ve ever tasted in my entire life (in Seoul) but I can’t gag because we are in front of Fiance’s boss.


4 Responses to “Timeline: Twenty-Two through Twenty-Four”

  1. Emilia said

    I can’t remember (must be getting old…) did we decide to stay 24 or 25?

  2. Nope it was just getting too long so I cut off at 24 and 26-28 (well almost 28) is coming up.

  3. […] screw up, whichever comes first. I also got some adulation from my biggest client and my old boss (yes that one) is selling some work to a big company that he thinks would benefit from my method of tracking […]

  4. Edwinfu said

    favorited this one, guy

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