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Timeline: Fifteen through Twenty-One

Posted by parsingtime on February 15, 2008

1995: Sophomore year. I go to Egypt and see the pyramids. I don’t remember much from this year for some reason. Emilia gets me through Algebra. We study at her house and I’m introduced to the awesomeness of the green bean casserole.

1996: I learn to drive and get my first car this fixes the issue that started in 1994 of my mom forgetting to pick me up. I meet Random the first day of band camp. My band director tells Emilia and I that there is a new flute player we should friends with. We pick the wrong 0ne however are happy nonetheless because the other one is kind of slutty. Random and I bond over the Animaniacs. She has the watch and I have the hat.

1997: I take the SATs on my birthday. After the exam Random and my friends throw a birthday party for me, my first one since moving to the United States. For the first time since 1989 I have really close friends. I find out that I’m graduating 25 out of 626 kids. I think this is really good until I realize all my friends are graduating in the top 10.

1998: My grandparents die. I find myself more upset over my dad’s grief than over my own. I start college and Random and I are roommates. Never in the history of roommates have you met more courteous, well matched roommates. Random spoils me for all other roommates including Husband. The shower in Random and I’s dorm sprays out what amounts to a warm rainforest’s mist of spray. Random and I spend 9 months in a semi-state of dirtiness.

1999: I decide that I’m going to graduate college in three years instead of four. Random introduces me to Husband who I think likes Random. This is not the case. I begin to work at the State Capitol. This is my best job ever and encompasses everything I love about government even though I do not get paid and mostly answer constituent letters.

2000: I spend the summer studying for the LSATS. I do not work though I do take one summer school class. I hope that I can break my standardized test taking curse. I take a preparatory class. I score ridiculously poorly. When I learn my scores I am in San Francisco with Husband who is at that point Boyfriend. He thinks I’m catching a cold when in fact I cried from 4am pacific time outside the hotel room until he woke up at 8am.

2001: I’m back working at the state capitol only this time I’m getting paid, I have a title and get to write speeches. I apply and do not get into law school. I tell my employers that I’ve “deferred” law school for one year to work because they think I’m smart and I don’t want to correct their mistake. I find myself in a depressed state. I try to get mental health services only to be told that I would have to wait six weeks to get an appointment. I push myself out of my funk by sheer force of will and get a job post graduation. My quoted salary is $28,400. This seems like a lot of money to me. I also spend Spring Break of this year in Iraan, no that is not a misspelling. I continue to have fond memories of that trip even though it was a complete disaster.


2 Responses to “Timeline: Fifteen through Twenty-One”

  1. Emilia said

    The green bean casserole was for Chemistry and Economics. I can offer no help for Algebra. Or Chemistry and Economics for that matter. I was always destined for the liberal arts…

  2. Random said

    The city of Iraan came up in conversation very randomly at lunch the other day (in NY of all places!), and I was the only one at the table that could actually say I’d been. The trip continues to pay-off

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