More Annoyed than Amused

Spider Babies

Posted by parsingtime on February 1, 2008

So I’ve mentioned that Husband is in Omaha. It seems like without fail he leaves and then there is a big ass spider running across the walls in the bedroom. I tried to kill it with my Economist but I didn’t see a dead carcass so of course I couldn’t sleep for fear that the undead spider would crawl on to my face and into my ear and lay spider babies in my ear and then one day I would wake up with a million spider babies crawling out of my ears and then I die of a heart attack.

And that would be bad so not sleeping seemed like the better option.

Also, I’ve discovered Husband’s amazing ability to sleep helps me quiet my own mind. It takes him seven minutes to fall asleep. I know because I’ve timed him and then I say things like, “Husband are you awake?” and then promise something completely ridiculous¬† and he doesn’t respond. Anyway, hearing his regular breathing relaxes me enough to fall asleep in an hour instead of two or three.

Of course I do like having the bed to myself…there is always a cool spot on the sheets when I’m dying of heat exhaustion because the apartment people think that 90 degrees is a normal temperature for an apartment.


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