More Annoyed than Amused

Voice of Doom

Posted by parsingtime on January 25, 2008

You know even with an economic stimulus package the recession is still here (according to me) and or going to come.

Also, if a Democrat wins the presidential election this fall they all promise to varying degrees to get troops out which means all those companies providing food, lodging, various military paraphernalia (I would guess guns, parts for aircrafts and other vehicles etc etc) will need to provide less of those things. Their contracts even if they get renewed will be renewed at lower amounts causing their bottom line earnings to fall which will cause layoffs and increase unemployment.

The recession cannot be stopped.


One Response to “Voice of Doom”

  1. […] the rapid decline of the stock market, housing foreclosures etc just proves that the recession I keep talking about is coming. I’m stressed about this. GWB keeps saying our economy is strong […]

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