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Posted by parsingtime on January 31, 2008

Husband is off to Omaha to meet Warren Buffett.

I imagine he feels the way I would feel if I ever got to meet Bill Clinton or Daniel Day Lewis.  When I met Newt Gingrich I felt giddy and a little bit weak in the knees…can you imagine what it would be like for me to meet a politician I actually like?


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Confessions of a Wii Seller

Posted by parsingtime on January 31, 2008

Mark Anderson is a Wii reseller. And he doesn’t care if you hate him because in six weeks he made $4,500 hoarding game consoles and jacking up the price.

I’m really glad we didn’t try to hock our second Wii on eBay after reading this. People who don’t feel remorse sort of scare me.

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Large Appliances

Posted by parsingtime on January 27, 2008

I had a great dream last night

Really what happened?

I dreamed that I came home and the maintenance guys for the apartment had put in new tile floors, expanded the kitchen and put in a WASHER AND DRYER.

Wow. I wasn’t expecting that.

I know, it’s pathetic.  Some people dream about sex and I dream about appliances.

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Posted by parsingtime on January 25, 2008

Husband was known in college for his arbitrage schemes. If something was popular and selling on eBay for more than its retail cost he was out at Walmart buying six and pushing teenage kids out of the way in the process and selling them on eBay for a profit.

A few weeks ago we decided to get a Nintendo Wii. I called ten places last week trying to find one in stock and fifteen places this week. Husband suggested Toys R Us as a place to call and lo and behold they had a few in stock.

Husband tested my patience by saying he had some sort of homework he had to turn in by 5pm so I waited muttering about how they would be all gone by the time we got there and then we headed out to Woburn to get our Wii.

When we got to said toy store Husband had the great idea that we should buy more than one and sell them on eBay. So given that the rule was one per customer Husband and I picked up two. As we walked in someone walked out with a Wii and after we arrived another person purchased one while we were deciding how many nunchuks we needed.

Anyway, as we are checking out two little girls come in, out of breath and frantic to get to the front of the line to see if there were any Wii’s left. We were paying and another checker came out and helped them. We had taken the last two Wii’s.

I looked at Husband and I wasn’t happy. I don’t like the arbitrage scheme in general but when I’m taking away the excitement of eight year olds it’s worse. Husband and I exchanged some looks, he shrugged and I felt guilty. The kids father went to the front of the store to find out if any other stores had any Wii’s left and Husband left me to finish paying.

While he was gone, my Husband, the man who likes to make arbitraged money more than I like ice cream, went up to the Dad and said that he should take our extra wii. So we sold our second Wii to a dad and two girls for the market price and that man told us we there was a special place in heaven for people like us and two girls who didn’t get a wii for Christmas were super excited about their Friday evening.

The greatest part about it is how good it feels to have done the right thing. Plus the guilt of having left that store so that we could make eBay profit would have really ruined our evening.

I told Husband that if we were parents and saw crazy 20 year olds arbitraging games we would be pissed on behalf of our kids. He agreed and now we are heading into an evening of Wii sports, Super Mario and the knowledge that today we did something nice.

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Voice of Doom

Posted by parsingtime on January 25, 2008

You know even with an economic stimulus package the recession is still here (according to me) and or going to come.

Also, if a Democrat wins the presidential election this fall they all promise to varying degrees to get troops out which means all those companies providing food, lodging, various military paraphernalia (I would guess guns, parts for aircrafts and other vehicles etc etc) will need to provide less of those things. Their contracts even if they get renewed will be renewed at lower amounts causing their bottom line earnings to fall which will cause layoffs and increase unemployment.

The recession cannot be stopped.

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Miss America

Posted by parsingtime on January 23, 2008

I just caught 5 minutes of the Miss America contest.

Miss Alabama just answered a question about Darfur relatively intelligently, sang opera extremely well and looks hot in a bikini.

Miss Alabama.

This contest has clearly changed since the last time I watched it…um around ten years ago. Also, A.C from Saved by the Bell is the host.

And interestingly, the top five are all from the South. Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia and Oklahoma

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Posted by parsingtime on January 23, 2008

Dear People Who Live In The Building Across The Way,

When you live in close quarters like we do there are a few things you should consider: Like, if you walk around naked in your apartment at night with your blinds open and the lights on Husband and I might see you and make fun of that weird mole you have and I the next time I see you I might give you the number for my bikini waxer.

Also, if you start making out in your apartment with the blinds open and decide to take it a step further, well I couldn’t watch that but seriously, you should consider closing the blinds. Everyone in the complex can see you. They also can see that last week you were taking it a step further with someone else and you really don’t want me to bring that up with your this week person the next time I see her.

Really this can be summed up with three words: close your blinds.

Seen too much,


Also, random aside I ran 4.5 miles in 40 minutes today.  And I didn’t get picked for jury duty today. So Yay.

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Posted by parsingtime on January 18, 2008

During the Democratic Presidential Debates Hillary Clinton made this comment with regards to Bush.

You know, he went in to office saying he was going to have the kind of Harvard Business School CEO model where he’d set the tone, he’d set the goals and then everybody else would have to implement it.

Me: Your school just got dissed by Hillary Clinton.

Husband: shrugs shoulders

Unfortunately, Kucinich was not there otherwise I would have more interesting quotes.

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Posted by parsingtime on January 17, 2008

I wonder what my life would be like if I wasn’t such a linear person. In high school it was all about getting good grades so I could go to college and then go to grad school and get a job. It never really occurred to me that instead of going to summer school and working part time during the summer I could have been working in Africa for the UN or move to a completely random city to get a job or volunteer or whatever.

I wonder if the linear thinking (this leads to this which leads to that and then you do this) is due to growing up in an immigrant family. My parents had no idea that volunteer work was needed to get into college or that you could hire people to assist you with your essays etc.  I had no idea either. I have friends from high school who aren’t from an immigrant family and they have done much the same as I.   So then I wonder if it has anything to do with having money.

I meet people all the time who have done things that I think are amazing and generally they come from what I would term very educated, more wealthy families. Things that would have never occurred to me to do: taking a year off to work in microfinance in India, spending the summer in Africa immunizing kids, building business plans for banana farmers in central america. Things that give you interesting stories and really strong job applications. I could tell you about the summer that I took summer school Spanish but the most interesting thing I could tell you was that in 100 degree weather I had to wear a sweater because the classroom was freezing. 

If Husband and I ever pay off this school debt and become middle class people will we encourage our kids to take some of these opportunities? Will it be because we know about the opportunities or because we can afford to send our kid to Djibouti to volunteer or because we really want them to get into a good college (good being relative, I would argue that the state school I went to is much harder to get into now than when I got in) so we will make stuff like that happen for them?

And after all that what defines success? Are the people who are “doing something for the world” more useful than me the person who sits at home all day working for a big corporation?  Is success having a job you really love even at the expense of doing other things you enjoy? Or is it being a great mom and having really well rounded normal non-drug using kids at the expense of never using your grad school degree? Is it supporting your spouse through their dreams because you know it is hard for two people in a relationship to have really big goals?

I guess it depends on the person.

I would venture to say that people who search for success (however they define it) never really achieve it in their mind because once you reach one goal/rung on that ladder you are ready for the next challenge and the next rung.

In case you couldn’t tell I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my life. Also, I have still have hives and have been studying torts, the law not the dessert.

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Posted by parsingtime on January 16, 2008

You know it’s cold out when you’d rather suffer from itchy hives than walk a mile to the pharmacy to get the prescription strength drugs your doctor prescribed.

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