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Next Stop Buenos Aires

Posted by parsingtime on December 17, 2007

You should sing the title Evita style (Rainbow High) though I think the actual line is next stop will be Europe.

Husband and I have taken a lot of vacations in the last two years…two trips to India (for me), Bahamas, Singapore, Thailand, Colombia and now Argentina. It all seems a bit ridiculous but we have time to travel. Once Husband graduates and starts work the four week Christmas vacations will be a distant memory as will Spring Break and Summer vacation.

Some people like expensive purses, some people like to buy luxury cars and we like to visit places we have never been before so that’s where we choose to spend money. I would much rather have a weekend getaway with Husband as a joint anniversary gift than platinum jewelry or french perfume. Fortunately, Husband feels the same. Of course those diamond earrings really would look stunning on his hairy man ears.

Also, we won’t be able to travel quite like this when we have kids so it is great to get as much of it now before the screaming, expensive, needy small people arrive.

Anyway, 15 days of Argentina are ahead of us. And I’m really excited. We are going to wine country, visiting Iquazu and Perito Moreno…it should be awesome (fingers crossed). I don’t know if I’ll be posting at all but I’m going to try to remember to jot things down as I think of them because I inevitably forget and then you won’t get to read it!

I’m hoping we don’t spend hours and hours waiting for our flight at Logan Airport. The weather looks decidedly unfriendly.

I hope you all have a great holiday and get to spend time with those you care most about.

What’s new Buenos Aires? I’m new, I wanna say I’m just a little stuck on you. You’ll be on me too.


One Response to “Next Stop Buenos Aires”

  1. Emilia said

    Have a great time!

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