More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on December 4, 2007

So I went back to the gym tonight ( I know, I have an obsessive personality, but I’ve mentioned that before) but the weirdest thing happened….I was taking off my coat while wearing my headphones and the static traveled up my headphones and shocked my ears. It felt completely weird.  Also, I’ve read all the People and US Magazine’s in the gym so my workout was painful without stories of Britney’s mental instability and Brad and Angelina’s impending split to amuse me.  I highly recommend a trashy magazine while on the elliptical.  They are perfect for the gym because there are lots of pictures and the writing is big!

I’m still angry. Every time I think of the person who said I seem control Husband’s life, let’s call him or her Bellatrix, I feel angry and then I think of some future confrontation I will have with this person. Which is not healthy, I know, but I can’t help it.

Will a confrontation actually happen? Will Bellatrix believe anything Husband tells her? Will I be able to look this person in the eye without giving them the stink eye? I don’t know. 

Husband says it isn’t healthy to harbor this much smad (combination of sad and mad). It’s hard though. You would understand if you knew Bellatrix’s relationship to Husband. Also, if I can harbor complete hatred for the eBay guy then imagine how much smad I can feel for someone I know!

In happier news: two weeks from now I will be in Argentina so if you have any tips or recommendations please leave a comment. We are going to Buenos Aires, Iquazu, Calafate and Mendoza.  I’m super excited and a bit nervous since I planned this whole trip for my family and if it sucks it will be my fault…of course if it rocks then I will be the Superhero Goddess of Travel Planning. 


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