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Run for your Life

Posted by parsingtime on December 3, 2007

Still chanting serenity now but for different reasons.  It was a rough weekend. It’s funny how I can term the whole weekend rough when only Sunday night sucked. Sunday night sucked the fun out of the whole weekend. Like I said rough.

But before I get to that.  Our party was a success. Photos on flickr…we look pretty ridiculous  but it was a lot of fun and lots of people dressed up. Husband did a great job organizing and there was lots of food and drink and Santa even made an appearance.

Husband spent the rest of the weekend working on papers and projects. There are only 10 more days left of the school year (eek!) so he is busy. While he was that I took myself to the grocery store before all the snow and gross weather started…unfortunately, I still need to do laundry.

And as we are jumping from topic to topic…my work has been slow as of late…I’m going a bit stir crazy and I’m wondering if somehow my clients now hate me and that’s why I’m not working. Rationally that doesn’t make any real sense because nothing has happened that would upset them as far as I know. I’m just being paranoid.

I’m also wondering what I should do in the future. We have six months left in Boston and then we are moving to the Carolina’s. What am I going to do there? Husband is doing something pretty entrepreneurial and while my current business owner status is great and has been great for the last two years, having two people with these “I work for myself and do something” jobs kind of freaks me out.  I’m just not sure what I’m qualified to do anymore. I’m not barred in Carolina and I don’t think I would be happy being a legal assistant or some sort of admin and I certainly would not get paid like I do now but what to do. If you have any thoughts let me know.  I need a passion and a job.

I’m also kind of freaked out because I’ve gotten almost all my jobs by knowing people. Former employers went out of their way to recommend me to new employers. I’m a hard worker and I think people appreciate that…but I have no network in Carolina so that is going to be difficult especially given how the job market is going to tumble since we are essentially in that recession I was talking about earlier. Gah.

And finally, just to make things worse: Someone Husband is close to insulted me this weekend.  They were on the phone together and I was sitting next to Husband on the couch and this person said “well it seems to me that you just let Parsing run your life.” First, it is the first time I’ve had actual evidence that perhaps this person doesn’t like me or harbors resentment; second, if that were true it is none of their freaking business; and third you obviously know nothing about our relationship because that is not even remotely true.

Husband and I make decisions together, doing what’s best for US and no other entity. When making decisions we do not consider our friends, our parents (who are in good health, fortunately, and don’t need us right now), our siblings or anything else. We consider what is best for us and the goals and things we want in our life. When contemplating this move to Carolina Husband flat out told me he wouldn’t do it if I didn’t support it. It is not not a unilateral decision and nor am I the type to say no to something that is so exciting to him.  If this person hadn’t been as important as they are to Husband perhaps I could brush it off  but they are and I can’t.


2 Responses to “Run for your Life”

  1. Carol and Tiem said

    you tell it like it is, girl! If Someone is not married, then they need to just stfu. If they are, then they’re probably projecting their own insecure manhood about their own marriage onto yours. Either way, its just petty.

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