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Posted by parsingtime on December 21, 2007

T.S.  I’m shocked Car is into that sort of thing, but you know each to his own!

 We are headed to El Calafate today…hopefully there will not be two month old triplets on our flight like there were on the way down. Also, we ate at Bice yesterday…and holy crap it is the best Italian food I’ve ever eaten. There is one in NYC so if you are craving fresh pasta I highly recommend it.

I also made my first foray into Argentinian Beef. Husband of Maridull Bliss would love it down here. It is all beef all the time! Cabana a las Lilas is definitely the place to eat beef with the glitterati or B.A.  Anyway, we are having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Happy Holidays everyone.


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Posted by parsingtime on December 19, 2007

We are in Buenos Aires and I have discovered the awesomeness that is the bidet.

It makes post sex clean up a snap. I know that’s too much information but if I don’t tell you, who will  — would put a qestion mark there but I can’t find it on the keyboard!

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Next Stop Buenos Aires

Posted by parsingtime on December 17, 2007

You should sing the title Evita style (Rainbow High) though I think the actual line is next stop will be Europe.

Husband and I have taken a lot of vacations in the last two years…two trips to India (for me), Bahamas, Singapore, Thailand, Colombia and now Argentina. It all seems a bit ridiculous but we have time to travel. Once Husband graduates and starts work the four week Christmas vacations will be a distant memory as will Spring Break and Summer vacation.

Some people like expensive purses, some people like to buy luxury cars and we like to visit places we have never been before so that’s where we choose to spend money. I would much rather have a weekend getaway with Husband as a joint anniversary gift than platinum jewelry or french perfume. Fortunately, Husband feels the same. Of course those diamond earrings really would look stunning on his hairy man ears.

Also, we won’t be able to travel quite like this when we have kids so it is great to get as much of it now before the screaming, expensive, needy small people arrive.

Anyway, 15 days of Argentina are ahead of us. And I’m really excited. We are going to wine country, visiting Iquazu and Perito Moreno…it should be awesome (fingers crossed). I don’t know if I’ll be posting at all but I’m going to try to remember to jot things down as I think of them because I inevitably forget and then you won’t get to read it!

I’m hoping we don’t spend hours and hours waiting for our flight at Logan Airport. The weather looks decidedly unfriendly.

I hope you all have a great holiday and get to spend time with those you care most about.

What’s new Buenos Aires? I’m new, I wanna say I’m just a little stuck on you. You’ll be on me too.

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Protected: Laundry Part III

Posted by parsingtime on December 16, 2007

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Laundry: The Sequel

Posted by parsingtime on December 14, 2007

I wish we hadn’t done laundry today.


Because, I just showered and am putting on new underwear and if I go to the gym in the morning I’ll wear another pair of underwear and then I need underwear for Sunday and Monday and then I won’t have enough for Argentina.

Why don’t you buy a special pair of underwear that you just wear every time you go to the gym.

Because we only do laundry every two weeks and THAT WOULD BE GROSS.

Oh. Okay.

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Posted by parsingtime on December 14, 2007

There’s nothing quite like walking to the laundry room and finding your neighbor touching your underwear.

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For Sale

Posted by parsingtime on December 11, 2007

Normal life in the land of Time has come to a screeching halt while Husband studies for and takes his finals. This semester seems to be particularly busy because Husband now has papers to write…anyway, he is studying hard and was even up til 5am this morning before coming to bed.  And of course, being the good wife that I am I let him sleep on my side of the bed which was nice and warm and didn’t even complain when my arm fell asleep with him laying scrunched up next to me because when you only have an hour and a half to sleep every minute counts. Poor guy.

Anyway as I said normal life has disappeared…. I’ve had a lot of free time to myself while Husband studies and I’ve filled that time with cleaning up, getting ready for our trip, making brain food, and recording a lot of random television (because I’m bored and can’t read any of my books until our trip). Currently waiting in my line up is a documentary on China’s Three Gorges Dam (actually watched this while eating lunch VERY interesting), Man vs. Wild (the crazy guy who drinks water from dead camel’s stomachs), The Age of Walmart and Gangs of New York.

Recently, I watched the documentary Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers.  In this movie I learned how much of this war has been privatised as compared to the past and about the private companies who are making money from the war (they charge the US gov’t $45 for a six pack of coke that is made and bottled in the middle east!).  I won’t go into the details but it was really interesting and I recommend it.  The filmmaker does not have a style even remotely close to Michael Moore, so if he turns you off then this might be up your alley. The whole film feels hands off in terms of personal bias (though of course there is a bias).

It does make stories like this even more disturbing. This poor girl is also getting annihilated in the comments. People think she is making up the story or saying we can’t condemn KBR/Halliburton until they have been tried in court and in the same breath saying she must have been a slut. Hello Pot, meet Kettle.

The comments might be more disturbing than the story…regardless, war doesn’t bring out the best in anyone.

Oh, and I was reading an article on the new John Cusack movie (he plays a Dad who takes his daughters on a trip after he learns their mother died in Iraq) and he said something about asking his 12 year old co-star what she thought of the war, and she responded that it had been going on for half her life so she didn’t really remember life before it.

That’s just sad.

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Paypal Rocks

Posted by parsingtime on December 8, 2007

Quick update on the eBay disaster….while eBay has yet to respond to my messages with anything other than a canned response, Paypal has come through for me. I created a dispute on their site as well because the product was not as described and after investigating this issue they have refunded me the entire amount and are seeking further action from asswipe Paul in Utah.

So woo hoo for Paypal and their rockstar service.

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Trader Joe’s Ice Cream Sandwiches

Posted by parsingtime on December 5, 2007

Run, don’t walk (unless you are Random Banker and are crazy and don’t like chocolate) to Trader Joe’s to get their Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches. It’s a new product and completely awesome in its yummy goodness.

I don’t know know what kind of voodoo magic they put in these cookies but the chocolate chip cookies stay soft even in the freezer so when you take them out the cookies are big soft yummy chocolaty cookies and the ice cream is creamy vanilla goodness.  They are also rolled in mini chocolate chips. Just to make them more sublime.

They are also so big you can share…of course when I get the ice cream sandwich for Husband and I to share I cut it down the middle with a knife…when Husband gets it we just alternate bites which might or might not be fair.  I mean, Husband could be taking bigger bites than me or getting an extra chunky chocolaty bite or who knows what.

Of course in all honesty, Husband probably always lets me eat more dessert and gives me the best bites but if you don’t slice it down the middle HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE GETTING YOUR FAIR SHARE?

You don’t.

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Champagne Cocktail

Posted by parsingtime on December 4, 2007

Also, one more recipe in case you are having a holiday party and want to serve something easy, fun and girly.  I’m going to take this to my book club for our holiday get together.


Melt 2 tbsp of fruity sorbet (mango, raspberry, strawberry, lemon etc) in a glass
Pour chilled champagne or prosecco (I use prosecco, it’s cheaper) over the top and give it a stir

Depending on the type of sorbet you use you will have a fun colored drink that tastes yummy.

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