More Annoyed than Amused

Serenity Now

Posted by parsingtime on November 30, 2007

So yesterday kind of sucked…between the eBay disaster (and Paul from Utah sending me more hatemail), shopping for the cruise we are taking with my in-laws (who may or may not send me secret hatemail) and dropping raw meat on my foot and the floor because I hadn’t noticed the cutting board was half off the counter (I’m now sending hatemail to myself for being retarded) the day was a wash…a wash doesn’t even appropriately describe it the day started out sucky and just got worse from there.

So Husband being the smart man that he is (sometimes) took me out for Burdick’s hot chocolate (which is melted belgian chocolate in heavy cream, none of that powdered stuff). It sort of worked until I got more hatemail from Paul in Utah.

I’m chanting “serenity now” a la Seinfeld and Friday is going better.

Husband and I are hosting a very large party tomorrow (about 90 people) so today was spent running around getting supplies and tomorrow I will be doing lots work to get ready…hopefully it will be fun. My biggest fear is always that no one will show up for a birthday/party/dinner etc which is just humiliating.

Serenity Now.


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