More Annoyed than Amused

Jowls, Therapy and Obsession

Posted by parsingtime on November 27, 2007

I think that if I write about Thanksgiving I will make myself look like a petty selfish person who can’t realize she is the one who will have to change, so I won’t.  One thing I will say is that as a general rule whenever anything goes wrong I tend to blame myself for everything even when it isn’t entirely my fault.  I occasionally let people in my life run over me because I feel bad about my part in what happened without letting them share in their part of the blame. I think I listed that on my 100 Things post. I feel exceedingly bad if I embarrass someone or hurt their feelings or whatever…and what’s worse I remember the bad things I do more than the good.  There must be therapy for that or something right? <rolls eyes and decides to move on>

Suffice to say Thanksgiving was lovely and we enjoyed spending time with family that we had not seen in a while.  Everyone thought Husband looked skinny and like he had lost weight and my 86 year old great uncle told me I looked “stout” while making a “you look hefty arm motion to go along with the “stout.”  Clearly working out is not working out for me. Yes, I’m obsessing about this weight thing. But would it kill the scale to move even a pound down? Why bother cutting out sodas, sugars and eating spinach if nothing is going to come of it? <still bitter I see, I wonder if I’ll ever let that go — probably not, so lets move on>

Ahem, back to Thanksgiving. We got to see the Plano Crew, play whirlyball and break the air hockey game all of which were lots of fun.  Husband’s friends are all very successful and have wide ranging interests. It is always nice to see them and get to catch up.  We  hung out with Husband’s family and ate lots of good food and now are back in Boston.  We also made it to Boston and back without any major delays or problems which was great since this is the first time we’ve flown on Thanksgiving.

Oh and the greatest sighting of Thanksgiving? The groom at the wedding we went to was about 300 lbs (on a 5’7ish frame) and wore a white suit with a vest and a skinny goatee that emphasized his jowls.  This I think was my first personal sighting of a jowl close up.

I hope you all had wonderful Turkey Days.


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