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Only in India

Posted by parsingtime on November 12, 2007

This article was on Drudge…random Banker and I did not run into any rabid monkeys while in Delhi but thank goodness her mother didn’t know about this particular pest. The whole southeast Asia trip might have been cancelled.  Of course we have been attacked by gang raping ducks in Austin.

Just weeks after the Indian capital’s deputy mayor toppled to his death fending off a pack of monkeys, the animals have gone back on the attack, sparking fresh concerns about the simian menace.

One woman was seriously hurt and two dozen other people were given first aid after monkeys rampaged through a neighbourhood in east Delhi over the weekend, media reports have said.

“There were about three or four monkeys involved,” deputy police commissioner Jaspal Singh told AFP.

“Wildlife officials are trying to find them. As police we’re not experts in dealing with monkeys. We can deal with mad bulls but monkeys are more difficult,” he said.

Along with an estimated 35,000 sacred cows and buffaloes that roam free in the capital, marauding monkeys have been longstanding pests.

They routinely scamper through government offices, courts and even police stations and hospitals as well as terrorise neighbourhoods.

I especially like the part where the police say they are experts in dealing with mad bulls but not mad monkeys.



5 Responses to “Only in India”

  1. Amy said

    You’re forgetting the irate baboons we ran into on Elefanta Island. Ohhhh…and the puppies…the puppies…

  2. The puppies were not mad…they were in love with their pied piper of NYC.

  3. Emilia said

    It’s The Omen come to life!

  4. Mujtaba said

    Surely we have to do something


  5. Mujtaba said

    By the way from where u Got that?


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