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Charlotte Part II

Posted by parsingtime on November 4, 2007

We are back from our weekend in Charlotte. First off I want to say that I hate travelling. I love being in new places and trying new things etc etc but the whole airport, delays and fellow travelers make me want to stab myself in the heart with a spoon (that was for Emilia!).

Charlotte is nice and very easy to get around, unlike Boston.  I think I know how to get from downtown all the way in and around Dilworth, Myers Park and South Park. It’s a grid! We had a nice time, looked around, priced apartments, condos, townhomes etc and just figured out if we could live there. And I guess the answer is yes. It’s like a smallish city in Texas.  It feels like an older version of Plano or a newer version of Rice Village/West U.

Of course I discovered two new favorite things in Charlotte: Bojangles, some fast food place which had great iced tea (I didn’t eat there); Dean & Deluca. I know Dean and Deluca is everywhere but I had never been in one and was awesome. In fact if $6.00 loaves of bread were in my budget I would totally shop there.  Husband and I shared a great cupcake and enjoyed the people watching.

Overall a good trip but I’m glad to back.


One Response to “Charlotte Part II”

  1. Emilia said

    Because it’s dull and it will hurt more!

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