More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on October 19, 2007

My parents are here which means two things: I’m eating really really well and I’m not paying for it.  My mom cooked yummy yummy indian food last night and tonight we are hitting up Emma’s and Finale for sangria, pizza and yummy ginormous dessert and really it doesn’t get too much better than that.

I also realized that it is very nice of my parents to get a hotel room for the four nights that they are here. Having house-guests is stressful even when the house-guests gave you life.  I kept thinking my mother would be examining my spice shelf and make sure my house was clean enough. And my Dad, who knows about him.  It’s funny how their home is my home but my house isn’t really theirs. I wasn’t as stressed last night as when my father in law was here, but he stayed over at our place and I cooked for him so that added more stress than you can even imagine!

Anyway, my mom said nothing about my kitchen organization though she did mention that I should hang something on my walls. They seemed to enjoy their campus tour yesterday and got to meet several of Husband’s classmates.  One classmate even told Husband that he was lucky and that I was bound to age well since my mom looks great for her age.  That made my mom’s day almost as much as the day when one of her employees asked her if my dad was her dad. 

My sister arrives tonight so more fun to come…especially if she decides to regal us with her hospital stories (gag).


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