More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on October 10, 2007

Dear Husband,

When I mention several days in a row that I wish we had chocolate and you say “yes me too” and then I say “well they sell chocolate that I like in the school co-op,” that is your clue to pick up chocolate at the school co-op that you pass EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Do you realize how many brownie points you would have received had you come home with chocolate at any point in the last two weeks? And don’t say I could have bought it for myself. You see me going to the gym four times a week and trying to be good.  I can’t buy it for myself, but if you bought it for me it would be a gift and it would be rude to not accept a gift.

And so here I am writing you, the man I married, who is clueless to my subtle hints.  It’s too late now of course, if you come home with chocolate I will be bitter and reminded of the fact that you didn’t think to bring it home yourself. And that sucks for you, I know it does, but you decided to marry a woman and sometimes we are irrational.

Perhaps I would be more rational if I had some chocolate, but we’ll never know, will we?



3 Responses to “Obtuse”

  1. t said

    but you decided to marry a man and sometimes we are clueless.

  2. […] Husband being the smart man that he is (sometimes) took me out for Burdick’s hot chocolate (which is melted belgian chocolate in heavy cream, […]

  3. JefesGirl said

    LOL subtle hints don’t work with men, they need to be slapped in the face with what we want!

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