More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on September 4, 2007

So we just got our cable installed a couple of days ago and every day when I turn on the DVR to see what has recorded I find that a bunch of shows from various porn channels have recorded.

We don’t get those channels so nothing is actually recording, but it is bizarre. I don’t know how we can have that many sex shows recording given that neither one of us has set them up to record.  Yes, I questioned husband on his TV watching habits, but I’ve known the boy for a long time and he’s more the type to tell me what happened at the strip club than not, so it isn’t his porn. Plus he isn’t dumb, he knows we don’t get those channels.   Plus we’ve been home and out together for the last few days so there would be no chance to secretly record porn especially since my “office” is the living room where the TV is.

So I’ve come to the only logical conclusion possible: our DVR is possessed by a sex starved, fake boob loving ghost.


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