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Still Loving Bangkok

Posted by parsingtime on August 25, 2007

I’ve told Husband multiple times that I love Bangkok and would live here despite the fact that he can make just about every stop on the BTS sound like some dirty sexual act.

Anyway, we have now seen the Grand Palace and various Wats. We spent part of an afternoon cooling off in Paragon watching The Bourne Ultimatum. What I love about traveling with Husband is even though we are going to some new local he still remembers it is vacation and if seeing a movie is what we want to do we do it and don’t feel bad that we missed seeing a wat or whatever.

Today we did the weekend market and the pool and both were lovely. Shopping here is fun and now I have new pillows for my couch at home! Car’s homeland rocks my world. Oh and Mr. Donut is a must in Thailand. It is so different that a Krispy Kreme but so much better.

Anyway, a few more days in Thailand before a day in India and then home. I am so ready.


3 Responses to “Still Loving Bangkok”

  1. Amy said

    Come home. AT&T wants to know why my minutes are so low this month.

  2. t said

    with a station name like “ON NUT”, how can you resist?!?

  3. Emilia said

    Yes – come home. I really need you to be in a more convenient time zone for immediate email answers.

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