More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on August 22, 2007

We are in Thailand. I got here and realized that all my clothes smell like India which is to say they smell of a mixture of sweat (not my own because even my own in the worst possible day is not that foul) and sewage. I’m going to have to get some extra strengh tide when we get back to the US.

We just got back from Krabi which was relaxing. I had lots of 250 baht spa treatments and sat by the beach sipping pineapple coolers. It was great. And now we are in Bangkok. We are staying at a really nice hotel and they upgraded us to a suite. The whole suite is bigger than my apartment in Boston. Husband doesn’t know this but I didn’t marry him because he gave me platinum and diamonds I married him for his platinum status! Just kidding, but it is a nice perk while we have it.

Off see Bangkok today. I love Bangkok so far…it is clean and has great infrastructure and these days that’s all I need to impress me!


One Response to “Bangkok”

  1. Car said

    Have fun! eat yummy foods, and check out the sketchy and dingy red light district called Pat pong…it’s a must.
    And when you get there, resist the urge to find out what a “ping pong show” or “banana show” is. With all your might, resist it.
    Oh its the sky train stop, Sala Daeng, but if via taxi, just tell them Pat Pong.
    Oh and bargain like there’s no tomorrow.
    Hrm…what else…that’s all I gotta say I guess! Glad to hear you really like it there! The smog and humidity will get to you tho 😛 Have fun!

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