More Annoyed than Amused

Hard Rock

Posted by parsingtime on August 5, 2007

We have gotten to the point where masala flavored everything is just getting to be too much for Husband and I.  Masala chips, chicken tikka malsala, masala dosa, masala chaas…seriously India, it’s time to take a break from the masala.

Basically despite being Indian Husband and I are so over Indian food.  We finally reached a breaking point and went to Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai, a place we would never go in real life.  We headed over to Hard Rock and ate spinach dip, burgers and ice cream sundaes. It was Hard Rock in India so none of those things were particularly wonderful but then again none of them tasted of masala so we were happy pay through the nose for our little American fest of a meal (seriously Husband and I went to Elco Pani Puri in Bandra and our meal was 250 rupees. That’s $6.25 in the US!). Tonight it going to be Dominoes night I think. Though we are going to avoid the paneer, masala corn pizza as well as the masala chicken pizza.

Two more weeks and then we are headed to Thailand and then back to Beantown. Though in reality it will be 26 days before we are home. It seems like a long time.

I should also mention that this weekend we missed the wedding of two lovely people (one of them from Thailand) and I just wanted to say congrats to Tiem and Car. I can’t wait to see the photos.


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