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I’m so Arrogant

Posted by parsingtime on July 17, 2007

Do you know what it is like to be the most attractive person in the room? No? Neither did I until I joined the gym here in Bombay. I have been to the gym in the morning, early afternoon, late afternoon and evening and the only time I’m not the most attractive female working out is when Gina, my flatmate is around.  She is very attractive but we don’t usually go to the gym together.

This will sound horrible and I really don’t mean it to be but the women at the gym are not attractive, not even the female trainers (who in my opinion should not have the look of three month pregnant bellies if they are going to be trainers but is a whole other story).  The women overall, young and old, all look a bit rough.  I think it is probably due to the fact that most of them don’t wear sunscreen or for that matter use any sort of moisturizer on their face. Also I think women especially here take care of their families etc before they would take care or do something for themself.

And let’s be honest the men aren’t that attractive either. Lots of hairy backs on display. Though everyone seems to work hard and are really dedicated to getting fit which is really impressive. What is also really amazing is that after three weeks of work out at the gym I can now run a mile two minutes faster than I could and without huffing and puffing. I’ve also moved up up ten pounds on all my weight training and down a couple of pounds in weight — though that is probably due to my India GI disease which pops up once a week or so.

I’ve been really frustrated the last few days. Husband wants me to spend two weekends with his family and I only subjected him to one weekend with my random family. It just isn’t fair (oh yes, insert whiny voice). Especially since we more or less have not spent any time together and the flatmates are always making evening plans and meeting up after work or whatever (the flatemate’s job is not as busy as Husbands so there is a reason why we can’t hang out as much in the evenings).   Also my Hindi teacher (the first and second ones) have flaked out and I’ve had to yell at the lovely Mr. Prashant every other day about customer service and my expectations.  And now here we are over a month since I got here and I’ve only had one Hindi lesson. So frustrating.  So many things are so difficult to accomplish.

I’m having a bad day…not even being the most attractive person in a sea of unattractive people is making me feel better. Probably because it is like the most attractive warthog out of all the warthogs.  It isn’t really saying a whole lot.


2 Responses to “I’m so Arrogant”

  1. Wife said

    I don’t know if this will help your mood at all, but this post reminds me of going to a nightclub in China. It turns out I’m smokin’ hot in China. Apparently pasty white skin, above average height, and boobs are the holy trinity of hotness there. Or, you know, the Buddhist equivalent. Anyhow, I can’t tell you how depressing it was as a single girl to finally find the one place in the world where I was the hottest person in the room only to share said room with hundreds of unattractive overeager men. It was like a children’s story where the plain girl asks to be pretty and she gets her wish, but she wasn’t specific enough and the genie tricks her, and now she is cursed to spend all her days in a laser-filled dance club surrounded by ugly Chinese men trying to buy her drinks.

    P.S. I mean no disrespect to my Chinese friends. It’s just that in actual China the men smoke and spit incessantly and it’s rather gross.

  2. Anonymous said

    You’re too sexy for this gym, too sexy for this gym…too sexy…yeah.

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