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Oh Mango

Posted by parsingtime on July 10, 2007

I just ate some mango. I should know by now not to eat fresh food in this country yet I continue to torture myself because a day without fruit really is painful for me. But now I suffer, my stomach is cramping and I know what will follow. There really has been a lot of diarrhea talk on this blog as of late, and for that I do apologize but I generally talk about what is happening in my life and…well this happens a lot in India. So you have to take the good with the bad.

So given that we are in India and sometimes things get ugly in the bathroom sense (see my post of road trips in India) of the word, Husband and I have crossed some boundries that no two people who have sex should ever cross. Some things should always remain private.  Nevertheless, what’s done is done and Husband and I have decided that what happens in India will stay in India and never be discussed ever again (you know except when we read about it in my blog archives).


While in Singapore (WHICH IS NOT INDIA) Husband came in and used the bathroom while I was in the shower. Now sometimes things get ugly in India and one must be flexible in the things he or she finds acceptable behavior. There is desperation and GI disease at work.

However Singapore is a first world country Husband. Bathroom issues are not like they are in India.  Waiting ten minutes will not cause the contents of your intestine to cause you to writhe in pain on the floor in Singapore.  What goes in India does not go anywhere else.  So please, I beseech you (and I’ve never beseeched before)  never again use the bathroom while I’m in the shower.

And let’s never have to discuss this again. Okay? Okay.


3 Responses to “Oh Mango”

  1. t said

    hey when nature calls you better answer or else it’ll leave a nasty message

  2. Emilia said

    The list of reasons to stay single continues to grow…

  3. Car said

    you know, one of the profs at my school that I’m building a website for actually is an indian couple’s marriage counselor *hint* =P
    kidding….but yeah check her out:

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