More Annoyed than Amused

And I’m Back

Posted by parsingtime on July 9, 2007

Well kids, Singapore was wonderful…I filled my time shopping (window shopping really), eating ice cream on bread (because that is how they serve it), getting spa treatments and walking 5 miles a day seeing the various sites.  It was really nice mostly because unlike India it felt really safe to walk around on my own and do whatever I wanted.

Streets are well lit, sign posted and the public transport is excellent. I think I feel a bit trapped here in India because I can’t really walk too many places and there certainly aren’t maps so exploring really isn’t possible (and I say that with honesty, I could explore but the chances of walking into a slum where they don’t take kindly to strangers (there are slum lords and everything even a slum mafia) just isn’t worth it to me).

I do have several things to look forward to. Random Banker arrives next week with more toilet paper, pepto chewables, chocolate and of course herself for 10 days of fun in the monsoons. We are heading to Delhi and Agra and will partake in some retail therapy I’m sure.  And then Husband and I are still planning our trip to Car’s homeland, which I’m very excited about.

I can’t believe we have been here almost a month. Time seems to be passing really slowly and really quickly at the same time.

Oh, and I failed to mention on purpose, that I joined a gym here. I failed to mention it because the gym comes with a personal trainer and I didn’t want anyone’s expectations getting up that I might come back from India skinny and buff.  It is a neat experience in that I’m learning how to use all the machines. But my trainer is a bit of a Nazi so I have to go everyday otherwise he berates me for not showing up. We’ll see if any results actually come of this.


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