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Puppies and Poverty

Posted by parsingtime on June 28, 2007

I saw a bunch of abandoned puppies on the side of the road today while I was walking around our neighborhood. I stood and stared at them for five minutes while people walked on by going about their business, wondering what to do. Thinking about pet shelters an the SPCA and then remembering where I was. These puppies were crying and couldn’t really walk, they looked maybe a day or two old to me. I felt bad for them knowing they were going to die, but this isn’t a country that really keeps animals as pets.

I thought about how our driver lives on about $95 a month; the lady who comes and sweeps our apartment (she just lost her husband and is supporting three kids and only has this one apartment to clean right now) lives on less than $20 a month.  And that’s why you can’t save dogs in India because people need the help more. Both these people work really hard and have so little. Our driver is saving money to send his daughter to school. Our cleaner, Suganda needs surgery but she can’t afford it. She has known she needs surgery for three years.  It pains me to no end to know this.  And while both Husband and I are generous tippers it doesn’t ever feel like enough.  Also for every person you know in a bad situation that needs help there are probably thousands more who just as badly need help.  

I feel bad. I went and got my hair done here in India and spent more than most people’s salary on it.  It makes me feel like a horrible human being. I can pay for a surgery for a woman I’ve known for barely two weeks because I want her to make it but that doesn’t really fix the situation. She is still an uneducated widow with three kids trying to make ends meet.

I have no real point to this post. Poverty exists in the US as well I just don’t usually come face to face with it every single day. 


3 Responses to “Puppies and Poverty”

  1. Tiembo said

    and yet, our continual increase in healthcare is partially attributed to americans abusing their bodies…

    everyone should visit a large developing country sometime.

  2. I should mention that the surgery Suganda needs will cost approximately $50 US. FIFTY. *shakes head, sighs and wonders if Sicko will come out in India*

  3. Wife said

    Can I give you $50 to give her? And also, can you mail me the puppies so I can love them forever?

    -Saving the world, one box of puppies at a time

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