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Posted by parsingtime on June 22, 2007

I am constantly hungry in India. I don’t think it is the portion size but Taj is pretty set on particular meal times. So I eat breakfast when get up, usually around 7-7:30, lunch at 1pm and dinner around 8:30. And the only time I’m allowed snacks are during tea time when I get some fruit or a biscuit.

I’m totally going to lose weight here, given that I have no secret chocolate consumption due to the fact that the secret chocolate would have to go in the fridge and therefore not be secret chocolate, no ice cream consumption (only once in a week!) and no real soda consumption I’m already losing out on a lot of my calories. Also, I think I may be hungry because everything is fresh. I have not had any real processed foods since I’ve been here. So I’m eating the same amount of food I normally eat except almost all of it is vegetarian and fruit, vegetables or rice. The protein element has really gone out of the door and I’m not eating pasta or any of the random other food I would be eating in Boston. We shall see how this plays out over the next ten weeks.

What else? I’ve been reading a lot so another book review is coming your way at some point (The Mistress of Spices, some old book by Dan Brown and some self-help books I had to read because I had run out of other things to read and couldn’t get to the bookstore). The author comment on the last one was quite unexpected. I am no longer a hair perm/dying virgin. I got my hair Japanese straightened here in India one because it is only $100 here vs $750ish in the US, two because I have yet to find a hairdryer that does not say defective on the side of the box and three the humidity combined with the lack of hairdryer made my hair look like Bob Fosse on crack. The perfectly straightened hair makes me look like I have rock star hair right out of the shower. Definitely the best $100 I’ve spent.

I’m feeling a bit lonely here as I have yet to get a cell phone which makes getting around a bit hard. I’ve discovered getting things done here takes a really long time and usually the involvement of twelve different people. Bribery doesn’t even work. If you tell them you will give them a 1000 extra rupees (for a service that costs 2000 rupees) to get the internet installed today they just sort of bobble their head and you have no idea if they have accepted your offer or think you are crazy. Anyway, we don’t have internet so I can’t really communicate with people and then I can’t go wherever I want due to the lack of phone (we have a driver and he drops you off and then parks in some random spot waiting for you to call him to come pick you up). There is also only so much shopping one can do on a regular basis. My work is also a bit slow because my boss is in Sweden and the part that I could be doing requires me to use a database that is internet based. So a disaster all around. I guess I should mention that our flat mates are very nice, despite my ranting about living with people that I don’t know. The girl, we’ll call her Gina, volunteers in a hospital and speaks fluent Hindi and therefore is extremely helpful with day to day stuff. Bob, her boyfriend works at the same company as Husband. He is also very nice and used to write for The Economist which makes him uber cool in my books.

Alright more when we get real internet.


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