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Knocked Up

Posted by parsingtime on June 10, 2007

Oh no, not me. I’m not knocked up and if you need some birth control go and see Knocked Up with the chick from Grey’s Anatomy.


And if that image (three times) doesn’t stop you from unprotected sex and or by choice procreation then I don’t know what will.   I was three other women and all of us had the same reaction:  head spinning away from the screen a la Linda Blair and a hand up to our eyes…seriously I never want to see anything come out of my vagina.

Husband and I are going to adopt potty trained 3 year olds as soon as I show him the movie. I’ve decided.

Oh, also it is currently 11:37 and I’m working (well a 5 minute blog after two hours of work and more to come) and have to leave for India in two days. I kind of feel like my head is spinning like in The Exorcist.

Also, if you want a great cafe experience Cafe Parrish on Boylston in Boston is great. Go eat there. They take all the best sandwiches from the top restaurants in Boston and recreate them. Totally yummy.


2 Responses to “Knocked Up”

  1. Wife said

    I guess that’s the difference between you and me, Original Wife. That movie did not dissuade me from birthing a child AT ALL. The part with the fake vagina was totally gross, but I got a little teary in the end when they have the cute little baby at the park and forgot all about it. Guess I’m just meant to be a breeder.


    Wife #2

  2. You are crazy…8lbs coming out of your vagina without an epidural, however I’m willing to support your breeding and play with your kids.

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