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Airlines Suck

Posted by parsingtime on June 4, 2007

A run down of the five flights I was supposed to be on in the last 9 days:

Flight 1 United: Cancelled mechanical failure. After three hours of waiting and being delayed

Flight 2 American: Cancelled due to weather after two four hours of waiting. Two hours of waiting for the flight time and two hours delayed before it was cancelled

Flight 3 American: Delayed 2 hours. Three hours spent at the airport trying to find our luggage. We failed

Flight 4 Southwest: Delayed an hour due to mechanical stuff.

Flight 5 United: Delayed on the runway. Arrive to our connecting city an hour late. Find out our connection is delayed an hour.

Flight 6 United: Delayed from 6 at 7:10 then 7:20 then 7:45. Get on the plane at 8:00pm. Sit on plane for THREE HOURS. Take off, arrive at Boston at 1:30AM. Bags by 2:30. Cab and home by 3AM. Drag bags up five flights of stairs. Eat Cereal to stave off starvation. In bed by 4AM.

I am still tired. This whole trip could have been ruined by the suckiness of all the flights we had to take this week but we had fun in Texas. Husband and I saw both our families, I saw Random Banker, my sister, the Maridull Bliss Team, EEH, a friends new baby, saw three couples we really like get married and a bunch of other friends from college. All in all a really busy week but a lot of fun.

Now back to real life and a week before we leave for India! Eek!!


One Response to “Airlines Suck”

  1. Emilia said

    I had airline issues last week as well. Stupid DFW screws everything up. There was no bad weather either where I started from or where I ended up, but bad weather in Dallas made my flight late. Once the plane was refueled and cleaned we boarded and then sat. This would not normally bother me, as I had a new book and some dark chocolate M&M’s, but it was a freaking tiny plane and my situational clausterphobia decided that would be a great time to reappear. Tiny plane + no air conditioning + intense panic in small places = not enough chocolate on the planet. Any longer and the flight would really be delayed because the ambulance would be taking me away (along with anyone unfortunate enough to get between me and the door…).

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