More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on May 24, 2007

Let me give you a run down of the last few days

Sunday night – no sleep. Am nervous about large presentation for work

Monday – Fly to Detroit. Change whole presentation last minute. Start meeting. Meeting runs long don’t get to my part. Can’t sleep.

Tuesday – Presentation. Make a few good comments. Make one stupid one. Lawyer embarasses me with a very personal question in front of the whole group. Feel bad. Then am required to attend a 10 course dinner. Am so full I can’t sleep all night. Feel like sticking my finger down my throat just so I don’t feel so full. Throwing up seems worse than not sleeping so just toss and turn in bed.

Wednesday – Am exhausted. Fly home. It is husband’s last day of finals. We pack, go to dinner, and stay out with his section mates until 1am. Despite the fact that I’m super tired, I feel like it is worth it to go since we won’t see everyone for three months

Thursday – wake up, clean up, shower, finish packing. Get to the airport at 8:30. Flight is at 9:45. Mechanical issues. Wait. Wait some more. Flight is cancelled at noon. We will definitely miss the connection in Chicago. Get booked on another airline to final destination. Eat lunch, see that flight at 2pm is delayed til 4. Sit around til four, finish book and Economist, buy US Weekly and chocolate. Flight is cancelled with no flights going until tomorrow, but tomorrow is a holiday weekend.



One Response to “Fan-Freaking-Tastic”

  1. Emilia said

    So did you make it big D? That truly sucks. I have to fly this week, and your trip is not a good omen.

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