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Top 10 Reasons: B-School Edition

Posted by parsingtime on May 8, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why it Rocks to be the Spouse of a Business School Student (with a flexible job)

  1. All the school holidays, none of the homework (Spring Break!)
  2. Fantastic Trips planned out by other people (Hello, Colombia)
  3. Financial Aid at low interest rates for all those trips *cough* I mean tuition
  4. Making new friends is as easy in grad school as it was in undergrad, except it is less awkward because you are married and not out to meet someone and again none of the homework
  5. Getting to do a bunch of things you would probably never otherwise get to do (especially me who was sheltered in college) — beer pong, flip cup, trapezing, Tejos, dancing on tables, random weekend trips to Newport or Stowe
  6. Husband is home every night and frequently in the afternoon. Convinces you that naps are beneficial to your health and work producitivity. You only feel mildly guilty.
  7. Cool speakers that you get to see for free — Anthony Robbins, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Hank Paulson,  Robert Mueller and lots of random CEOS
  8. For those nights you don’t want to cook the school cafeteria is not the one you remember from junior high. The B-School cafeteria comes with a sushi chef, every night has a culinary theme and the fruit is always ripe and tasty
  9. Unlike Dallas, you are able to meet lots of people who are of a similar age, prefer not to wear heels, makeup and don’t have fake boobs…these women want to be in book clubs with you and randomly call up and say hey let’s have a girls dinner
  10. Summer in India and Thailand.

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