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Posted by parsingtime on May 24, 2007

Let me give you a run down of the last few days

Sunday night – no sleep. Am nervous about large presentation for work

Monday – Fly to Detroit. Change whole presentation last minute. Start meeting. Meeting runs long don’t get to my part. Can’t sleep.

Tuesday – Presentation. Make a few good comments. Make one stupid one. Lawyer embarasses me with a very personal question in front of the whole group. Feel bad. Then am required to attend a 10 course dinner. Am so full I can’t sleep all night. Feel like sticking my finger down my throat just so I don’t feel so full. Throwing up seems worse than not sleeping so just toss and turn in bed.

Wednesday – Am exhausted. Fly home. It is husband’s last day of finals. We pack, go to dinner, and stay out with his section mates until 1am. Despite the fact that I’m super tired, I feel like it is worth it to go since we won’t see everyone for three months

Thursday – wake up, clean up, shower, finish packing. Get to the airport at 8:30. Flight is at 9:45. Mechanical issues. Wait. Wait some more. Flight is cancelled at noon. We will definitely miss the connection in Chicago. Get booked on another airline to final destination. Eat lunch, see that flight at 2pm is delayed til 4. Sit around til four, finish book and Economist, buy US Weekly and chocolate. Flight is cancelled with no flights going until tomorrow, but tomorrow is a holiday weekend.



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Protected: People are Fascinating

Posted by parsingtime on May 20, 2007

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Rudy McRomney

Posted by parsingtime on May 20, 2007

Most awesome quote from this weeks The Economist:

Meanwhile Fox News, which broadcast the debate, continued its tradition of balancing good-looking conservative pundits with liberals who look either weird or bearded.

It was an article about the latest Republican debate. For those of you love news/politics/knowing what is going on with the world you really must subscribe to The Economist. I can’t recommend it enough.

I am buried under a mountain of work and am traveling basically for the next couple of weeks. A trip for work, then to Texas for several weddings, then back to Beantown and then to India. Two and a half weeks is going to be hectic!

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Posted by parsingtime on May 15, 2007

My father in law was in town this weekend. Very few things freak me out more than my in-laws. Don’t get me wrong they are nice people and they are generally really nice to me, however I have never had to entertain them or have them stay in my own home for more than a couple of hours and even then all I served was dessert.

I was the wife who came into the marriage not really knowing how to cook at all. Fortunately Husband has an iron stomach otherwise he may not have made it through the first few months of our marriage.  Anyway, FIL was here and the visit was fine but it meant that I had to pull out some skills that Husband never knew I had.

I know how to make cha (indian tea). I even have all the stuff you need to make it, but for almost two years of marriage I’ve avoided making it by saying I didn’t know how to make it. I’ve seen that stuff made at least 500 times Husband, of course I know how to make it, it isn’t rocket science after all. Really how hard is it to throw tea, spices, water and milk into a pot and bring it to a boil?

In order to be a good DIL I had to make cha and today the first day that my FIL was gone, Husband asked if I would make him some tea. Disaster. What if he asks tomorrow and the next day and the next day and then all of the sudden I turn into one of the two people I never want to be: my Mother in law.  The second person that I don’t want to turn into is my mother. Just so we are clear that there is no mother vs MIL favoritism going on here.

Pointers to all you unmarried ladies out there: Don’t ever admit to knowing how to do anything.  If you do you’ll end up replacing the brake lights by yourself and having to make tea.

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Mom and Dad

Posted by parsingtime on May 14, 2007

Does anyone else find it completely bizarre to call your in-laws mom and dad? I spent the first year of my marriage referring to Husband’s parents as Mr and Mrs. Visnawathan (names changed to protect the guilty).  And to their face I’m pretty sure all I did was make sure I had eye contact and launch into conversation.

Now I call them Mom and Dad and every time I do it just feels wrong. I like them. They are nice. I’m glad they procreated, but they are not my parents. They aren’t like my parents. Why must I call them mom and dad?  I think a lot of it is cultural. I can’t call them Auntie and Uncle or by their first names because it would look bad in front of their friends (and I mean my parents too, not just my in-laws. I think my parents prefer that Husband call them mom and dad which is weird for him too).  No in-law bashing going on here.

I mean it’s not like you would call any other random couple that you’ve only known for two-three years mom and dad. Those names are important they should be reserved for the people who birthed you or adopted you, not ones you get through marriage as far as I’m concerned.

I still refer to my in-laws as Mr and Mrs Visnawathan when talking to my parents about them.  Because for some reason it feels disrespectful to my parents. 

Husband agrees that our parents are really different. I felt bad this weekend because I didn’t really know what to do with my FIL in the evenings this weekend. If my parents were here we would crack open a bottle of wine and sit and talk for a few hours or rent a movie or something. FIL doesn’t drink and he didn’t feel like a movie…although I think he was perfectly content watching the Travel Channel with me I still feel bad that I didn’t know what to do with him.

I also do a lot more for him than I would do for my own father, which bothers me. I never make my dad Indian chai nor would I constantly be getting him water/drinks etc. I would point him and any other guest in my house to the cupboard and tell them to please make my home their home.  I did that with Random Banker and Lisa Lou the other two guests who have stayed overnight. But I feel this pressure to behave like a good Indian DIL and that means making tea and serving. At the same time I should point out that FIL would have made is own tea if I didn’t know how to make it, so it isn’t like I was forced to do it, I feel the pressure to be a good DIL and I guess fundamentally want them to like me and think I’m a good DIL.

I think it comes down to the fact that I feel like I should be able to treat the in-laws the same as my own parents, but I have to put on a good face and try to impress them because they haven’t known me for 27 years like my parents…so I guess it makes sense. Getting to know your in-laws is like dating, you make them like you and then bring out your crazy flaws.

/End disjointed thoughts

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Heat and Random Odds and Ends

Posted by parsingtime on May 10, 2007

I’m not about to complain about the heat that would be wrong given that I’ve complained about the cold for the last 7 months. I like the heat. I’m glad it is finally more than 60 degrees here, especially given that it is May.  I am going to complain about the fact that it is 80 degrees outside and the apartment people don’t allow us to put on our one measly window unit AC until June 15! I am being completely illegal and my unit is on. Come and get me apartment management people, I dare you. Also, I’ve realized that the lack of central AC officially makes Boston the worst place to live ALL YEAR ROUND. It’s either to hot or to cold.

Speaking of illegal…I went to Whole Foods yesterday and was patiently waiting for a spot with my blinker on when a woman in an ugly green Taurus stole my spot. Just outright STOLE IT. I honked and then gave them a dirty look as she and her husband walked into Whole Foods in front of me. I’ve never felt road rage so strong. She just smiled at me. SMILED AS IF SHE HADN’T JUST STOLEN MY SPOT (I know I talk in caps a lot, but I’m trying to show you via the caps just HOW UPSET I WAS/AM). Anyway, as I was walking out of the store I actually went over to key her car. Me a law abiding citizen, you know except for the AC unit infraction, having the very strong urge to key the ugly green Taurus.  I realized that I was thinking crazy and turned to head back to my car. I can totally see how completely rational people can do stupid things.

So is it pathetic that the highlight of my day is watching the birds on my balcony? Don’t answer that. There are two little birds who are making a nest in a hole on our balcony. I’m pretty sure it is one male and one female and every day they come up and bring twigs and leaves for their nest. My blinds are open, the sun is shining, the trees are blossoming and it is just nice to see two little birds building a nest for their probable family.

And one last thing, this is the official Beginning Of The End. The recession is coming. I told husband the recession was coming for at least six months now. It’s coming and it’s going to be ugly, especially when gas hits $4 a gallon. Gah. I hate recession.

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New Category

Posted by parsingtime on May 9, 2007

I felt like I needed a new category for all the conversations I put on here.

Also, I’d like to thank Magglet for reminding me the Republican debate. Do you think that it is legitimate to have a President of the United States, the supposed leader of the free world, that does not believe in evolution? If you think I’m wrong I’m interested in hearing why. I unfortunately can’t expound more on the debate because the DVR crapped out on me and didn’t record it.

Anyway, on to conversations. Perhaps the category should be conversations between nut jobs.

What are boogers anyway?

They are formed from the particles of dust that catch in your nose.

Yes, but then why are they wet?

Yours are wet?

You know like when you blow your nose.

Mine are dry. It makes it easier to flick the boogers in your hair at night.

…(slack jawed shock)

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Top 10 Reasons: B-School Edition

Posted by parsingtime on May 8, 2007

Top 10 Reasons Why it Rocks to be the Spouse of a Business School Student (with a flexible job)

  1. All the school holidays, none of the homework (Spring Break!)
  2. Fantastic Trips planned out by other people (Hello, Colombia)
  3. Financial Aid at low interest rates for all those trips *cough* I mean tuition
  4. Making new friends is as easy in grad school as it was in undergrad, except it is less awkward because you are married and not out to meet someone and again none of the homework
  5. Getting to do a bunch of things you would probably never otherwise get to do (especially me who was sheltered in college) — beer pong, flip cup, trapezing, Tejos, dancing on tables, random weekend trips to Newport or Stowe
  6. Husband is home every night and frequently in the afternoon. Convinces you that naps are beneficial to your health and work producitivity. You only feel mildly guilty.
  7. Cool speakers that you get to see for free — Anthony Robbins, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Hank Paulson,  Robert Mueller and lots of random CEOS
  8. For those nights you don’t want to cook the school cafeteria is not the one you remember from junior high. The B-School cafeteria comes with a sushi chef, every night has a culinary theme and the fruit is always ripe and tasty
  9. Unlike Dallas, you are able to meet lots of people who are of a similar age, prefer not to wear heels, makeup and don’t have fake boobs…these women want to be in book clubs with you and randomly call up and say hey let’s have a girls dinner
  10. Summer in India and Thailand.

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For Better

Posted by parsingtime on May 6, 2007

Yesterday I drove to Long Island for a wedding shower. When I landed in LI (I drove to CT and then took the ferry) I saw a farm that was selling asparagus, goats and bunnies. It seemed like an odd combination. I drove a mile past that farm and saw two dead bunnies and a something that could have been a baby goat or a really skinny dog. That farm needs to get a better security system so bunnies and goats don’t get run over.

Anyway, the shower is not the point of this little post but to sing the praises of Husband, who is often not portrayed in the best light. He is actually a good Husband and not as dense as I make him out to be. Anyway, I came home and he had CLEANED!! He vacuumed, made the bed, ran the dishwasher AND unloaded it (an activity neither one of us loves). He did a very good job and it was quite lovely to come home to a clean place.

Of course my father-in-law will be in town this week, so perhaps the clean up wasn’t for me and was to make sure FIL doesn’t think we are crazed northeastern slobs! I’m going to pretend it was for me.

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I’ve Got Nothing

Posted by parsingtime on May 4, 2007

I think I’ve got a minor case of blogger’s block. I’ve got nothing to write. I did get let into the expat clique and I did get my refund for the dress from China so all is well there.

Work is busy…I’m going on a business trip in a couple of weeks which will be quite nerve wracking since I will be meeting all these Partners of major law firms and having to prepare a presentation for over a 100 people.

School is almost over for Husband. We have three weeks left and he will be done with school. We will then do a week with family and then head to India. A month and two days from now we will be on the long plane ride to Mumbai. Crazy.

Ummm, yeah, so that’s all other than Happy Birthday Magglet.

Oh, I do have the Republican debate DVR’d so perhaps I’ll have something scathing to say after I watch that!

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