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Expat Cliques

Posted by parsingtime on April 26, 2007

So I have been trying to figure out ways to make friends while we are in India this summer. I decided to look up and see if there were any expat groups of Americans or Europeans that I could get into contact with.

Just a side note here, when I was looking up expat groups I found the expat classifieds. Seemingly there are quite a few of lonely men in Mumbai looking for “discreet companionship” and/or a healthy open minded couple for a threesome.  These guys even list there talents in the sexual arena, like for example (and this is tame) “submission to dominatrix.” Indeed.

So I contacted this group of expats for women to see if I could get more information and join their listserv. And this was part of the email that I received back:

This is a limited membership group thus the need for more information.  Where were you born and raised?  What brings you to Mumbai?
How long will you be in Mumbai?  What area of Mumbai do you live in?

If you are of Indian origin,  do you speak any Indian languages?  Do you
plan to settle here indefinitely?  Do you have family here?

Also, what do you hope to get from joining this group?

I didn’t realize this was a clique and only the people with the right answers got to joined, but seemingly it is. It feels like an interview to have friends. Like, if you are of Indian origin and have family in the country, well then you don’t really need friends and you can’t join.  Also, if you don’t plan on being here indefinitely, well we don’t want to bother being friends with you.

Who knows, perhaps I will have to send in a picture next to make sure I fit the image.

I’ll be honest, I’m sad about this email. I thought I was being all proactive and crap to make sure I do have a good time this summer and I just got shot down.


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