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Fun with Search Engine Terms

Posted by parsingtime on April 19, 2007

People have reached this site by googling

  • spice thai +cambridge +mice
  • Husband can not have sex
  • Pyjam as dude
  • more time with husband
  • decent cars
  • ninja hand claw (someone wanted to buy one of these! That makes me giggle
  • Cobaltss
  • sick chevy cobalt
  • god billboards
  • how do i say congrats in india
  • Large teeth
  • Shocking people
  • Lobster playing hockey
  • wigs, heels dress
  • +couples+hypnic Jerk
  • Britney Spears Hate
  • Receding Hairline 20
  • vineet modhgil
  • Bush Aids Africa
  • It is very sad and unfair that Colombia
  • Indian Incest (I actually looked this one up (I don’t recommend it) and couldn’t find any hits to my site, but I gave up after the first page because it was nasty with a capital N)
  • Squid Bahama
  • Songs that make me cry

Okay, not an interesting post but you have something to look forward to this weekend. I’m going to be writing about how Husband got roped into a chili cook-off and how I got hoodwinked into making FIVE GALLONS of chili, a food I’ve never made before.


3 Responses to “Fun with Search Engine Terms”

  1. Emilia said

    If HUSBAND was roped into a chili cook-off, then shouldn’t HUSBAND make the 5 gallons of chili?

  2. Tiembo said

    i’ve always wanted to try this in a chili cook-off – buy every type of canned chili in a store, mix, add hot sauce, serve. actually, that’s probably not a good idea.

  3. Magglet said

    I’ve been to an HBS chili-cookoff!!! I think “chili” is very widely interpreted. As I remember, the winner was someone who made a very spicy Thai penang.
    If you want to go classic, Jeff has a great chili recipe…

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