More Annoyed than Amused

Super Sweet Sixteen

Posted by parsingtime on April 18, 2007

The materialistic pampered teens that are featured on MTV’s Super Sweet Sixteen really do make me reconsider procreation. Why are these parents giving into to their kids and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a huge party complete with a famous musician and a birthday gift that is almost always a fancy car that cost more than my law school education.  Almost as bad as the kids throwing these parties are the kids who are desperate to attend.  One girl made the kids who weren’t on the list have a dance off in front of her. She actually looked like she was getting off on her power. Another had the “hottest guys” in school  strip and show her their muscles. Another dyed her dogs pink so that they would match her dress.

Does this show concern anyone else? Almost as concerning to me but in a completely different way was this article from the NY Times.  It’s about high school girls in Newton, MA who have perfect SAT scores, are classical pianists, are champion cross country runners, fluent in Spanish, taking AP courses,  are presidents of student organizations and volunteer weekly. And really that describes just one of the girls! The girls also want to be pretty and thin and considered hot.  The article is basically about these girls who are working long and hard to get into the best colleges possible. And the irony is that most of them did not get in to their first, second or third choices. Colleges are just getting that much more competitive.

It pains me to think that kids these days have to do so much just to get into college. I thought applying to college and law school was stressful enough and I wasn’t even competing on an Ivy League level. And at the same time I live with someone getting an Ivy League education and he spent 6 months in the hell hole named Korea (I actually like Korea, it just annihilated Husband both mentally and physically) so that he would have more than one international experience on his resume.

Anyway, my point in this rambling mess of a post is that I really want my kids to enjoy childhood and be kids. I want them to be successful in whatever they choose but I don’t want them to be scheduled from birth to 24 so that they can get into good college/post grad programs.  Also, there is no way Lil Bow Wow or Ciara will be playing at their fifth or fifteenth birthday.   


2 Responses to “Super Sweet Sixteen”

  1. Tiembo said

    we love to watch that show just to yell at the girls, especially the one with the short fatty with nothing going for her except daddy’s money. it can be more exciting than sports games!

  2. Car said

    I realized that those attitudes do not shed with age…i’ve got some major Sweet 16 brats in my cohort.
    Makes me not want to procreate either.

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