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Posted by parsingtime on April 15, 2007

So I’ve been corresponding with this guy whose blog I found while googling the apartment complex where we will be living when we are in India and he had this to say about the area in Bombay we are staying:

The main intersection there between <undisclosed location where Dick Cheney is probably hiding> and the railway station there (basically an intersection you need to cross often) has a very high tendency to flood – the drainage in that particular part of the city is really useless. I’ve seen it over knee deep there after only a couple of hours of heavy rain.

You may find that some days you simply can’t make it to the office. Luckily employers tend to be understanding of that sort of thing, they don’t expect you to go out if the conditions are really bad. If it starts to rain really heavily while you are at work, it’s even not unheard of for people to sleep at the office. Expect the occasional power cut too. To tell you the truth the monsoon season is really a lot of fun 🙂  You probably will end up wading through knee-deep flood water. Almost guaranteed if you’re in Bombay.

Because of this information I plan on purchasing some of these (perhaps not in this garish style) :

Funky pink

Because I know none of you who know me in real life actually believe that I could comfortably wade through knee deep water in India without fear of disease or at least getting dirty. I don’t like to be dirty, so if the wellies keep the dirt on the outside I’m all for it. I can’t even sleep if my feet are dirty so I’m not sure how I will feel wading through India flood water. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t wade through US flood water either.

My little blog buddy also had some really great things to say about the city (he is from New Zealand) and gave me some good recommendations for places to eat and sights not to miss. I think it will be an interesting summer.

Edit: Chanel makes rain boots and they can be yours for the low low price of $699.99. If you know where to get some tall rain boots please let me know (15 inches or taller!)


One Response to “Wellies”

  1. Emilia said

    I could hook you up with some duck hunting waders…nothing would get through those!

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