More Annoyed than Amused

Reason #9

Posted by parsingtime on April 14, 2007

Why Boston Sucks…

You go to a new mall. It is six miles away and should only take about 18 minutes to get there. It takes you 40 minutes to get there and an hour to get back because NONE OF THE FREAKING ROADS HAVE SIGNPOSTS. So you get lost multiple times. You are trying to get to Chestnut Hill Avenue. Trying to find said street you find Chestnut Hill Parkway, Chestnut Hill Street and Chestnut Hill Drive, but no avenue.

You decide to stop the car and tell husband you are never coming home because you are so lost you don’t even remember what city you live in.

Thank goodness the new GPS gets here sometime this afternoon. Driving in this city sucks and will put you in a miserable mood.


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