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Posted by parsingtime on April 10, 2007

So my parents want to take a family vacation when my sister graduates from medical school, which happens to be right around the time Husband graduates as well. Being the lovely parents that they are they are planning to pay for a good portion of this vacation. So I have a question for you dear readers (yes, you. There are 40 of you that visit almost daily). Where would you go given these choices:

  1. Go to Nepal and do a climb to Mount Everest first base camp at 17,000 feet. This is what I want to do because I’m obsessed with Mount Everest
  2. Fly to Ecuador, take a week long cruise through the Galapagos, see exotic animals that don’t run away from you. We would get to go during turtle hatching season. My dad’s first choice
  3. Tour China. My mom’s choice
  4. Croatia/Turkey/Greece or some such combination of Eastern Europe history and pretty beaches

Has anyone done any of these? Have any recommendations? Husband is not a fan of the Everest option. He doesn’t want to spend two weeks climbing up and down a mountain. Or perhaps he just doesn’t want to spend two weeks with the parents with no hope of escape/alone time. Or more likely, it is the lack of luxury and sleeping in tents!


9 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. pixiemeat said

    I’ll be going to Suriname in a few days. If I had a choice for a vacation it would most certainly be in South America. Aruba is nice, but also very tourist like… Suriname is pretty over looked for vacations and theres more untouched rainforest land there than anywhere else in the Amazon. Tons of animals you wont find anywhere else in South America, are in Suriname and they have an awesome leatherback turtle hatching season πŸ™‚


  2. Emilia said

    You can probably guess which one I’d pick – sleeping in tents and climbing a mountain in the snow is not really my idea of a celebratory trip. Pretty beaches and historical sites are really more my cup of tea! I can see you doing any of them, however. Husband, not so much. πŸ˜‰

  3. Tiembo said

    be prepared for a lot of travelling if you want to hit up china’s various tourist hotspots. there’s xian, shanghai, hong kong/macau, beijing, etc. don’t forget optimus prime:

    my dad and i love hiking challenging trails, so #1 would be on the top of our list.

  4. jeff said

    China would be nice but I’d stay out of south in the summer as it is usually hot and humid… But it’ll probably be nothing if you can handle a summer in India.

    There are few reasons you don’t see people in my photos… I only get out and about on Sundays and there are usually much less people out on Sunday morning. The places that interested me and I took pictures of are not that popular with the locals (I guess…). And the main reason is safety… I don’t feel comforable flashing a camera around in a big crowd of people. I feel that it marks me as a big target for the pickpockets or robbers… maybe it’s just me…

    I have a feeling all the blogs are censored in China if not severely filtered… your blog won’t load when I tried to view it and it’s a miracle that I am posting a comment right now. πŸ™‚

  5. Wife said

    Here’s my two cents…

    1. Even if it is really awesome, Everest would be a stressful trip – physically, mentally, etc. I would think stress + family = low likelihood of enjoying the experience. But I don’t really know your family. You guys might genuinely enjoy each other.

    2. I love turtles. I would be curious to know what else there is to do in the Galapagos besides watch turtles, though. This would probably be my 2nd choice.

    3. Depends on where in China. I hear there is really pretty scenery, like in that Painted Veil movie, that probably won’t be around for long. I’ve been to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, and I found each similar to a giant ashtray. Also be prepared for loogies flying by you all the time. The Great Wall is pretty awesome, though. Other perks include honeydew melon milkshakes at McDonald’s and humorous English translations on every sign.

    4. This would totally be my choice. I’ve been to Greece, and I would love to go back. The food in Greece rocks. Beachy sounds nice, and there is a great variety of interesting things to do in Greece. I hear Croatia is emerging as a very popular destination, so it depends on if you could ger there before everyone else does. I dated a Turkish guy once and he was a bad kisser, if that helps at all.

    5. I have a fifth option, because clearly your problem is lack of options: South Africa. This is probably my favorite destination ever. It is without a doubt the most physically beautiful place I’ve ever seen. There is so much to do: Cape Town is so much fun, wine country, beaches, safari. Lots of stuff that could be interesting for everyone, or you can easily and safely divide and conquer. Plus it is just fun to listen to the people talk. Back in the day it was really cheap – the cheapest Big Mac in the world thanks to a weak Rand. I don’t know if it still is, but I bet you could stretch your $ there if you want to.

    Good luck! I’m jealous.


  6. Husband 2 said

    1. No me gusta this one. Everest is probably pretty cold. Aren’t you always bitching about the cold weather in Boston? =] I would go somewhere warm where being very drunk only slightly endangers your life.

    2. This sounds cool, I agree with Wife that this would be a solid second choice.

    3. Eh, too many Chinese people in China. (just kidding!) I don’t have anything real against this one, it just wouldn’t be my first choice.

    4. Ditto wife’s comments, except for having been there. This sounds like the most fun to me.

    So to make a long story short, given those options, I’d choose #4.

  7. Maggie said

    I would choose #4 or #2 (Galapagos- once in a lifetime! you can see Darwin’s finches!!). Also these two options sound the most relaxing, which for your sister after medical school and before residency will be important for her.

    Are you guys still going to be around Boston June 8-10? I will be in town for my 5 year college reunion. Maybe we can meet up and have some good food?!

  8. Car said

    My thing is –
    I’ve done Eastern Europe (Greece to Czech to Netherlands etc) and they’re really nice and relaxing. Greek food is awesome and the scenery is just so crisp and refreshing.
    China is awesome cuz they’r really trying hard to make it more tourist friendly, but it’d definitely be a busier tour cuz its more site seeing from place to place to place. Hecka fun tho.
    Or #1 best choice is of course, THAILAND just because it’s THAT awesome. πŸ˜›
    Naw, do that when you guys have a “couples” vacation.
    Dad and I did a South Africa trip and while its great to be in the safari and go stay at this luxurious resort, everywhere else is pretty empty and run down…kind of a sad image really. So if you wanna feel pampered and guilty at the same time, hit up South Africa for sure.

  9. Amy said

    Whichever option includes the company of your favorite banker.

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