More Annoyed than Amused

Smash and Grab

Posted by parsingtime on April 1, 2007

So we were victims of a crime last night. Our car got broken into on a busy street in Boston. I’m really quite unimpressed with the criminal that broke into our car.

If you are going to smash the window into a million little pieces please take the other expensive crap in our car other than just the GPS system. Take the $300 radar. Take the $600 CD changer. Make me actually feel like you were at least making it worth my while to have a broken window.

Quite frankly I’m more annoyed by the shards of glass that need to be vacuumed up and the window that needs to be fixed than losing the GPS system (which I love and yes, I will be purchasing another one).  I am sort of freaked out by the fact that whoever stole our system does know where we live since that is programmed in, but other than that this particular act of criminal thievery has left me annoyed and unimpressed.


One Response to “Smash and Grab”

  1. Emilia said

    I’m totally unimpressed with your local criminal element.

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