More Annoyed than Amused

Amazingly Large Teeth

Posted by parsingtime on March 29, 2007

So today Husband and I went to see this man speak

Wealth Mastery Seminar from Antony Robbins in London 2005

Yes, that is Tony Robbins, motivational coach to the stars. You have probably seen him on QVC or on late night infomercials.

He looked like the above picture and he was the one making a crack about his large teeth not me. EEH and I were talking before hand and she commented on his gleaming teeth. Gleam they did.

Anyway, he is really good. I went in completely cynical but it is quite motivating. He had 300 students up out of their seats cheering and dancing. He played music (u2’s, Gwen Stefani, Maroon 5), ran/jumped across the stage, did the jazz hands/spirit fingers move and told stories about all the famous people that he knows.

We were up and moving because Tony was trying to show us that our physiological state affects our “mood” and the way we act and interact with people. Positive thoughts put you in a better frame of mind than negative ones.  So in order to change your state you need physiology and focus. He also said that there are three questions that you are always doing whether you think about it or not

  1. What do you focus on
  2. What does this mean
  3. What are you going to do

I actually took notes on what he said so I could talk about them on here and save you the $$$$  it costs to go to one of his seminars but it is pretty basic stuff. Constantly better yourself and you will feel good about your life. If you reach an ultimate goal and have nothing else to strive for you won’t actually be happy. 

Overall he is great speaker and I think a lot of people left feeling good about themselves.


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