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Reviews: Nothing Good.

Posted by parsingtime on February 12, 2007

I’ve been to Legal Seafoods three times now, in three different locations. And quite frankly I’m not that impressed. I mean cajun shrimp, wasabi tuna, <insert name of white fish> with lemon butter sauce. The menu just isn’t that interesting. I will say that it does have excellent chowder and frankly I have not eaten better bread at another restaurant but overall I would say it is good but not super interesting. Nothing special makes it stand out in my mind. There I’ve said it, insulted an institution here in the northeast. Fish foodies, attack!

So husband and I signed up for blockbuster online after canceling Netflix over a year ago. We sat down two nights ago to watch the Motorcycle Diaries, watched the previews and then…the movie was not the Motorcycle Diaries but Who Killed the Electric Car a documentry about GM and the demise of the electric car. It was definitely not what I wanted to watch and given that I’m still a bit jet lagged and sick, I fell asleep.  My point however is Blockbuster is really going to have to do a better job if they want to compete with Netflix. I did like the Superbowl commercial though. Good advertising, bad product.

Also, Magners Cider is sub par compared with Woodchuck.

And a really random aside having to do with nothing else in this post, I was glad the Dixie Chicks won last night and Gnarls Barkley did not look like I was expecting. I thought Idi Amin had risen from the dead and decided he could sing. If you saw him you know what I’m talking about.


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And suppose I never met you, suppose we never fell in love

Posted by parsingtime on February 12, 2007

Husband and I met up with a friend from college on Friday. John and his co-worker were in town for a work function. When the co-worker asked how Husband and I met John commented that our dating life was “complicated” but it didn’t matter because we were married now.

I’m just going to say, Ross and Rachel took a break and they worked out fine and our break didn’t even involve other people, cheating or an out of wedlock baby. I’ll admit to some (read: a lot) of bitterness over the Spanish breakup but it all worked out.

Our first Valentines day Husband made me a mixed CD of songs, got me flowers, a stuffed animal and chocolates and we went out to a fancy dinner. This valentines we will be in (that pesky nor’easter is supposed to be dropping a crap load of snow wednesday), I’ll make something special for dinner and we’ll hang out. And it will be great.

When  I was little I never understood why there was no pomp and circumstance around my parents anniversary or Valentines Day. I understand now. It’s the reason John Mayer wrote Comfortable.

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Teaching is Hard

Posted by parsingtime on February 12, 2007

You know when I first met Wife (a commenter here on parsingtime and we had met at my wedding but that doesn’t count) at a lovely brunch in Austin I insulted her profession. It was completely accidental,  I was horribly mortified and was chastised by Husband for my terrible behavior. It was made more awful by the fact that Wife was marrying a friend of ours from college whom both Husband and I like a great deal. Wife if you read this: I still feel bad (and will for the rest of my life, because I like to torture myself with everything horrible I’ve done in my life) and I’m really sorry.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I am attempting to tutor my sister-in-law. She is taking a community college level government course and I being a government major in college have been retained to explain and answer questions, help her prepare for tests and help her with her writing assignments in this class.

In the process of trying to tutor her I have come to realize how very terrible I am as a tutor and that teaching other people anything is really really hard. You can’t just explain something in a manner that is understandable to you, you have to figure out how the person you are teaching learns best and above all you must have the patience of a saint. I’m only trying to help one person so I can’t even imagine have 30 kids in a room and having to teach them. Not only that, but I’m dealing with a 21 year old, not a bunch of elementry kids which has to be infinitely more difficult. So basically it boils down to I suck at tutoring and have a lot of respect for the good teachers I’ve had in my life.  Also a shout out to Wife who is embarking on her teaching career.

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Posted by parsingtime on February 8, 2007

My post on India has gotten over 200 hits today. It is amazing to me that people are so offended with my comments, it was a post about my experience on vacation for petes sake. The comments I have received have been extremely interesting.

I am not saying that the US healthcare system is great or the US social system is perfect. I think about the people who sue at the drop of a hat. I have to, I went to law school, it’s my job to think about lawsuits. I don’t have kids and I’m certainly not getting more money by working in India verses working here. And shame on me, consorting with <GASP> SEAT BELT WEARERS! THE HORROR! 

Most countries in the world believe that buckling seatbelts is a great safety measure that saves lives. Most doctors would also agree that if people washed their hands after going to the bathroom less disease would be spread. You CAN be hygenic even if you wipe “sh*t off your ass” if you wash your hands.  These are not bad things people, and I’m comfortable thinking that these are good qualities.

If all these things had happened in another country…pick a country, any country. If all these things happened in France, I would have made the same comments. I have now acquired the wrath of the blogging readership of LittleIndian and ExpertDabbler.

I’m okay with that. I’d also like to point out that I have never lived in India before. This summer will be my first experience and I’m looking forward to it. But these bloggers calling me a “fu*kr” and posting with a lack interest in grammar or spelling aren’t really helping my view of Indian bloggers (just to make another broad sweeping generalization).

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Hat Hair

Posted by parsingtime on February 7, 2007

Reason #2 why living in the cold weather climes is not good: Imagine freshly washed and dried hair.  And it looks good. A good hair day, it comes around infrequently but can improve your mood substantially. The imagine going out to run errands, only to return with hat head….flat smooshed hair, with no life or body.

Also, reason #2 why blogging can suck? Some random person on the Internet has a vendetta against me and wrote an entire entry on why I’m a bad blogger and against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All because I criticized (in his mind, though in mine I was being honest about my experience) India. I won’t link to it as that would make me like him but wow, who knew I was so special. The keyboard really is mightier than the sword.

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In Sickness and in Health

Posted by parsingtime on February 4, 2007

Whenever I get sick, Husband also gets sick. He fully admits this… if I have bacterial meningitus, he gets the flu, I am dying of toxigenic ecoli, he has an allergic reaction to life causing hives.

I have never once been sick in this marriage and just had someone take care of me.

The temperature change (90 degrees to 0) and 17 hours on a plane have done a number on my immune system and now I’m sick. Husband has now hurt his back.

And I’m so not bitter about that. Not bitter at all.

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India Part II

Posted by parsingtime on February 4, 2007

So while I was in India I made my first visit to Mumbai. I have previously been to Delhi and the two cities could not be more different. Two things struck me about Mumbai. First, no livestock in the street. Perhaps it was the area I was staying but Mumbai struck me as a completely cosmopolitan city. Granted, it is not without its share of poverty and problems, but overall it is really quite nice. It definitely has less of a historical feel to it than Delhi. Second, the amount of billboards advertising mutual funds, interest rates on bank accounts, life insurance policies and the like was amazing. Other than billboards with Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan hawking some product or another I saw very few other kinds of billboards.

I know the Indian stock market is doing well and there is a lot of speculation and growth going on, which may explain all the ads.  While I was in India the big news was Tata’s acquisition of Corus, that alone is an amazing feat, allowing Tata to have a huge international presence. India is definitely growing. It should be interesting to be there this summer.

As for this summer, Husband and I will be there for eight weeks. I’m in the process of finding a summer position there. I will have to continue my current work load (evenings and weekends I suppose) but if Husband is going to consider a short term (3-5 year) move to India I am going to have something to do there as well. Also, we will be in India at the height of monsoon season so if we have a good time given that situation it is probably a good bet we might enjoy it for a few years.

We shall have to see. It’s a big move. I’m nervous but I think it will be a good experience regardless of the final outcome.

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Posted by parsingtime on February 3, 2007

I’m adding an India category because holy crap we are moving to India where I will have to see this on all the trucks:

Horn OK Please, photo by Vineet Modhgil, from Shari Academy

Is it Horn, OK, please; Horn OK, please; Horn OK please? I just don’t get it and it bothers me to see it. Also in India they don’t believe in safety belts. This also drives me crazy because if I’m ever going to die in a fiery car accident it will be in India where people don’t believe in lanes, cows/pigs/bicyclists all share the road with cars and no one wears a seat belt!

Overall a good trip to India…though there was some intestinal diease which had me writhing in agony and moaning to my mother that I wasn’t ever having kids because if I couldn’t survive Indian intestinal disease without thinking I was dying from the pain how would I survive childbirth? Exactly, I won’t, therefore no kids without heavy sedating drugs.  Also, there is no dignity in intestinal disease.

I went to a wedding while in India. I wish I had the photos to post. It was Monsoon Wedding to a T (without the incest). There were white horses, dancing in the rain, a random band, colorful tents and the whole nine yards. It was quite an experience. There were also seven million flies, twelve billion malaria carrying mosquitos, and people serving lunch with their BARE FREAKING HANDS. Needless to say I did not eat, not knowing where those hands had been (other than in my food) and because it is gross regardless.

And I am going to add that sitting by the restroom on the Virgin flight back was absolutely disgusting. I like Indian people I really do, but I hate travelling them. They push as if they won’t get off the plane and ohmygosh the plane may take off again before they get off. Also from my experience by the restroom, very few of them wash their hands after using the restroom (also making me happy that I did not partake in the wedding food).

Oh, more to come on the whole moving to India.

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