More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on February 25, 2007

So I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. I’ve been feeling a bit uncomfortable with 27 for numerous reasons. One being, it is a hell of a lot closer to 30 than the 25 my brain thinks I am (no seriously, every time someone asks how old I am I have to think because I always want to say 25). 

I hate that I’ve moved away from the targeted age group of 18-25 and now am in 26-35 and that I have to fill that out on forms. My new age group was also brought home to me when today I received a copy of Newport News.  NEWPORT NEWS. Am I seriously their target market female?  Do I belong in clothes like these?

Embroidered maillot

A swim skirt? I don’t think so. I may have my father’s thighs but I still look good in a bikini.

High-neck lace top

Am I of an age where all I can show are my hands and neck?  I hope not.

Tie-front leather jacket

A denim skirt that comes with an in-built chastity belt.  No man could get through that skirt.

Ankle-length cover-up dress

This is a cover up dress, for over your bathing suit on the beach. THIS IS A COVER UP DRESS. It looks like a shroud.

I really hope that I’m not the Newport News demographic because if I am 27 is looking pretty damn grim.


One Response to “27”

  1. Karrie said

    I love your blog. Hilarious!
    I am in the 40 plus demographic, so I am flattered to receive this catalog. My reaction is wow, they think I can wear this sexy, trendy stuff and why are they using such hot young models to sell it to me if it’s supposed to look good on us old folks.

    Happy Birthday

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