More Annoyed than Amused

Central Kitchen

Posted by parsingtime on February 18, 2007

Overall I have been extremely disappointed with the food I’ve eaten in Boston. Last night we went to Central Kitchen with two other couples. The atmosphere was dark and relatively quiet, however the menu was uninteresting and very limited (one of the girls in our party is kosher and therefore only eats seafood/vegetarian while out). That plus our meal costing $84 was not impressive.  I’m continually amazed at how over priced and bad food is here. This place was recommended by a ton of people on-line, one person from Dallas, and several other people we know in real life.

What does it take to get good food here? I’m happy to pay for good food, but paying a lot of money for really average food is just upsetting. Also, Central Kitchen needs to invest in another door. Most places in Boston have two doors. One door that leads you into a small overheated entry way and another door that leads into the actual restaurant. The first door and entry way combination keeps patrons from freezing there asses off every time the door opens bringing with it a blast of icy 20 degree air. Go buy a second door.

We also went to Pho Lemongrass on Friday. Another terrible meal. Both Husband and I enjoy Vietnamese food, but this place was not good. How I miss my Banhmi in Houston. We keep trying new places in the hopes of finding something we really like. Unfortunately, there isn’t one place in our new city where I crave the food.  There isn’t even one place where I crave the dessert and that is just sad.

If anyone has any recommendations I’m open to suggestions.


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